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Henry Schein’s Endodontic Solutions Organizer was designed to easily organize and manage multiple endodontic solutions, including sodium...
J. MORITA USA announces the Tri Auto ZX2, a compact, cordless motor with a built-in apex locator.
ChlorCid Surf solution, a root canal preparation solution, features the added cleansing power of surfactant to break the surface tension...
The Paste Inject from Medidenta is ideal for holding a larger amount of canal sealer and inserting it into curved canals. This tapered...
Dentsply Sirona Endodontics announces the release of its X-Smart IQ system, a fulltreatment dental care solution that supports dental...
Strauss introduces the GuttaCut, an instrument which provides quick, efficient and precise cutting of gutta-percha points. Gutta-Percha...
• Nickel titanium and a stainless-steel end• Can be used in any common obturation technique, including warm and cold condensation•...
Visco-Tip™ Improves flowability of viscous materials. Bendable, flexible 25ga tip, delivers calcium hydroxide with precision and ease,...
Stat-Flo™ brush tips are 19ga, curved cannula for optimal visibility, and have a padded-end brush tip.
Spira-Flo™ brush tips from Vista Dental are nylon fiber for controlled delivery of viscous material, etchants, and resins. Luer-lock hub,...

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  • Jason Schwartz

    Being a 'New Product junkie' of sorts, I am always on the lookout for the latest dental products, equipment, and services. So when I just happened to browse over to the Vista Dental Products web site, I was pretty stoked to see a page on the site devoted solely to their company's New Products. But when I scrolled down the page and actually...

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  • Allison Walker

    I just watched an interesting video about VOCO’s Rebilda Post GT system, marveling at the concept the whole time. Rebilda is a new kind of glass fiber post for core build up that is available as a single post (Rebilda Post) or as a spreadable “set.” The Rebilda Post GT post system is compatible with every kind of root canal shape. Available in...

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  • Allison Walker

    The EndoSafe Plus from Vista Dental Products is an apical negative pressure irrigation system that you may find more convenient to use, and less expensive than alternatives. Many endodontic irrigation systems are bulky tabletop units. EndoSafe Plus is lightweight, easy to use, and portable. It is also cordless and battery operated, so it’s...

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  • Allison Walker

    While there’s something to be said for slow and steady, don’t we all like fast and easy better? Especially if it means less chairtime, cleanup, wasted material, and cost? Septodont’s BioRoot RCS is a mineral-based root canal sealer that makes life a little less complicated for both general dentists and endodontists. It is resin-free,...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Are you heading to the Greater New York Dental Meeting? If so, Kerr Dental is one booth you’ll definitely want to visit this year. Kerr is not only kicking off a 125th anniversary celebration (#givingsmiles125) at the show, but also introducing the next innovation in endodontics—a brand-new irrigation technology. “This irrigation device is...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    2017 marks the 125th Anniversary of Kerr Dental, and in celebration, the company is kicking off its #givingsmiles125 campaign at the Greater New York Dental Meeting (GNYDM). Rather than just celebrate their own achievements, Kerr wants to recognize the people who make it all possible—dental professionals. Kerr is asking dentists, hygienists,...

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