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Medidenta and MICRO-MEGA introduce 2Shape, an intuitive sequence with 2 instruments in continuous rotation. This sequence is composed of...
Self-adhesive fastener bonded on Tyvek® backing. Easy to position and apply, wider base of Tyvek® makes this fastener durable; fastener...
Protect your documents and fingers with Smeads patent-pending SafeSHIELD coated fastener technology - the ultimate solution to fastener...
End-tab folders are treated with an antimicrobial agent to guard against the growth of bacteria, odors, algae, mold, fungus and mildew....
The signposts of alphabetic filing systems, these guides break folders into smaller groups for quick identification. Contains 25%...
Cabinets are constructed of high-grade steel All tiers are 36" wide with a receding door. Available in letter size, Available with or...
All the benefits of the 100 Series cabinets with a convenient work shelf assembled between shelves three and four. 5- and 6-shelf...
Unlike a traditional mouse, this device uses infrared sensor technology to detect the user's finger motion in the air to control movement...
SabreCut carbides from Brasseler cut faster, generate less vibration (chatter), and leave a smoother finish than leading aggressive...
Made from 100% USP gauze Absorbent, soft and pliable Nonsterile
Save search time with our index chart divider sets. Mylar®-reinforced hole punches and Mylar®-covered tabs printed on two sides...
Each shelving tier has four welded dividers Increase your filing space 50-75 percent without using up valuable floor space. This complete...

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  • Brian Donahue

    He did it for Easter and Halloween, and now he’s done it again for Christmas. Dentist Wayne Gangi put up a festive display of Playboy Bunny mannequins on the lawn outside his office in Clifton, NJ, dubbing it the “12 Babes of Christmas.”

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  • Samantha Negraval

    For many clinicians, the beauty of digital integration is the simplicity it provides. By eliminating the need to open various pieces of hardware and software for each patient you encounter, you reduce the possibility of malfunctions and the worry that engenders. That’s been the personal experience of Edmund Suh, DDS, FAGD.

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  • Michael Howard

    Recent reports reveal that dentists often overlook one critical tool for patient protection and isolation: the dental dam. Due to numerous safety benefits, the dental dam is considered a standard of care. COLTENE has created a high-quality dental dam and the necessary dental dam accessories under the Hygenic® name brand.

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  • Marie

    A year ago, Advanced Esthetic Dentistry started offering free teeth whitening using the Iveri line from Zest Dental Solutions. Jean Ocasio, CDA, BsBA, MHA knew that patients would be excited to use something easy and effective—and it would make them more inclined to pursue additional treatment. The strategy has proven effective for the practice,...

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  • Michael Howard

    While many practitioners now provide treatments such as Invisalign, limited fixed orthodontics should also be within scope for general dentists. Regardless of whether a dentist intends to offer orthodontic services in their practice or refer patients out, effectively integrating orthodontics into treatment planning can keep patients more...

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  • Michael Howard

    While there are many ways to add value and better your practice’s patient experience, one proven method is by providing take-home care products. Not only will this make regular appointments more valuable to patients, it encourages them to think of you every time they practice at-home oral care. With this approach, you can help ensure that...

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