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Medidenta and MICRO-MEGA introduce 2Shape, an intuitive sequence with 2 instruments in continuous rotation. This sequence is composed of...
Made from 100% USP gauze Absorbent, soft and pliable Nonsterile
SabreCut carbides from Brasseler cut faster, generate less vibration (chatter), and leave a smoother finish than leading aggressive...
Each shelving tier has four welded dividers Increase your filing space 50-75 percent without using up valuable floor space. This complete...
Locking, heavy-duty steel wall desk features an angled drop-in chart slot for security. Standard desk size: 20" W x 16-3/8" H x 3-3/8" D...
The FastClip™s convenient three-piece construction allows you to remove any record without disturbing the sequence of your documentation....
Secure narcotics and controlled substances in these specially designed steel storage cabinets available in a variety of sizes and...
Save search time with our index chart divider sets. Mylar®-reinforced hole punches and Mylar®-covered tabs printed on two sides...
Strong, durable storage boxes are designed for frequent access and maximum stackability. Maximum security box with string-and-button...
The signposts of alphabetic filing systems, these guides break folders into smaller groups for quick identification. Contains 25%...
Protect your documents and fingers with Smeads patent-pending SafeSHIELD coated fastener technology - the ultimate solution to fastener...
Foam-backed self-adhesive fastener is a versatile filing accessory for organizing and securely fastening papers in file folders. 1-1/2"...

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  • Marie

    If your current vacuum system can’t meet this aerosol-reduction standard, you may want to consider investing in a new system that better protects you, your staff, and your patients. One choice that achieves this goal is DENTALEZ’s line of Aeras Ramvac vacuums, which turns your utility room into a ‘smart’ utility room. Aeras is the only utility...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Baking soda has benefits for nearly all patients and can help kill bacteria and diminish stains. In fact, according to the presentation, baking soda has been shown to shift biofilm toward less pathogenic bacteria, reduce demineralization, increase remineralization, and more!

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    • Date: 12/10/2020

    Watch this short clip highlighting the new 3D dental scope from Seiler. There are some big differences compared to a traditional dental microscope, and we would even go so far as to say, for an unexperienced user, this might be the best investment when it comes to magnification devices.

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    • Date: 11/17/2020

    What dentistry needs is a same-day dentistry solution that has flexibility, durability and works! Planmeca has your solution! Introducing the Planmeca PlanMill® 50 S, a bold and powerful mill with premium CAD/CAM solution

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  • Dental Product Shopper

    Successful treatment of periodontal disease requires effectively managing the root of the problem: biofilm. However, by exploring the nature of oral biofilm, it becomes clear that this is no easy task. For over 10 years, dentists have utilized Perio Trays® to supplement conventional homecare, SRP, and surgical treatments. Designed for patient...

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  • David Broom

    A service agreement with TechCentral would incur a predictable operating expenditure and alleviate your capex burden. With your IT infrastructure proactively and remotely maintained, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing income during a down period. As your managed service provider, TechCentral absorbs the risk associated with making sure your...

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