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Medidenta and MICRO-MEGA introduce 2Shape, an intuitive sequence with 2 instruments in continuous rotation. This sequence is composed of...
SabreCut carbides from Brasseler cut faster, generate less vibration (chatter), and leave a smoother finish than leading aggressive...
Each shelving tier has four welded dividers Increase your filing space 50-75 percent without using up valuable floor space. This complete...
Unlike a traditional mouse, this device uses infrared sensor technology to detect the user's finger motion in the air to control movement...
Save search time with our index chart divider sets. Mylar®-reinforced hole punches and Mylar®-covered tabs printed on two sides...
Increase your filing space 50-75% without using up valuable floor space. The track assembly is attached to the base of rear stationary...
Locking, heavy-duty steel wall desk features an angled drop-in chart slot for security. Standard desk size: 20" W x 16-3/8" H x 3-3/8" D...
The Datum EconoWallWrite nonlocking workstation brings space-saving convenience to any setting. Install this fold-up desk at any height...
Made from 100% USP gauze Absorbent, soft and pliable Nonsterile
The FastClip™s convenient three-piece construction allows you to remove any record without disturbing the sequence of your documentation....
Strong, durable storage boxes are designed for frequent access and maximum stackability. Maximum security box with string-and-button...
Foam-backed self-adhesive fastener is a versatile filing accessory for organizing and securely fastening papers in file folders. 1-1/2"...

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