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The Planmeca Sovereign Classic dental unit features an advanced infection control systems that allows the user to choose periodical...
A-dec now offers 3 new styles of overhead monitor mount solutions: wall mount, central console mount, and ceiling mount.
Boss reception area furniture is comfortable, durable, good-looking and also very affordable. Features sturdy hardwood frames and extra...
Liven up the walls of your reception room with one or all of these animal wall panels. Wall mounting hardware included. Sizes vary...
Handler announces the latest innovation in the Pro Tech Lite Series of benches with the Pro Tech Lite Technician Work Station/PTL-215SP....
The In-Wall Systems provides more room to work without sacrificing storage or convenience and is an excellent fit for 8 ft or 9 ft wide...
Designed for comfort and the best ergonomic sitting conditions, the BodyGuard Pro English style saddle stool offers adjustable settings,...
Variable speed disc type foot control, pressure and coolant adjustments, large work surface, slide out tray for keyboard, mouse or...
When set in “free motion,” the back and seat follow one’s movement. The stool adjusts to accommodate a large range of height and sizes,...
The MultiMotion headrest can be tilted and rotated in any desired direction, enabling both patient and practitioner to remain in the...
Offer your smallest patients kid-sized comfort. Available in red or blue. Set includes a couch, easy chair, coffee table and end table....
Artizan® Expressions offers three design series, each available with their own set of configuration options to help you work efficiently...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Can core dental equipment be "fun" while also being highly reliable and simple? One manufacturer, Forest Dental, set out to prove that it can, and their success over the last several years captured the attention—and imagination—of DentalEZ Integrated Solutions, a growing company. Now DentalEZ has acquired Forest Dental, adding a complementary...

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  • Julie Cullen

    A friend and I play a game sometimes when we’re waiting in line at a movie or in a restaurant for food. It’s called “forced choice.” For example, we might be standing in line at the concession stand in a movie theater and my friend will say, “Forced choice: Good & Plenty or Sweet Tarts,” knowing I hate both candies. I’ll choose Sweet Tarts and...

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  • Julie Cullen

    I’m a huge fan of TV design shows. I’m no good at that kind of thing myself, but I love to watch the experts take a room (or whole house) that’s blah and boring (or a complete disaster) and turn it into something that’s both stylish and efficient. I recently discovered this super helpful questionnaire that’s part of Midmark’s practice design...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Have you ever wondered how your dental cabinetry was made? It’s likely that your answer is no, but I’d like to suggest that you reconsider that response. This video from Midmark shows you…in detail…how they make their new Artizan Expressions cabinetry. Everything from wood fabrication and doweling to edgebanding and countertop fabrication. This...

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  • Allison Walker

    The Brewer Company recently conducted a survey among dentists and hygienists to ask what they look for when purchasing a dental stool. One of the most common aspects mentioned as “very important” was comfort. Comfort may be a matter of preference, but considering the best ergonomics for working in a dental operatory all day is not. Using the...

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  • Brian Donahue

    Spending much of their workday in a static, awkward working position, dentists are at high risk for neck and back pain. A repeated sitting posture of leaning toward patients, along with the careful movements and sustained positions of arms and hands during examination and treatment, can strain the lower back and weaken the muscles that are...

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