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Potassium Sulfate is designed to lock moisture in while maintaining stone hardness. Available in ¾ lb package.
Whip-Mix Jade Stone is an ISO Type 5 die stone that can stack well, yet flow under minimal vibrations. Designed with a smooth jade-like...
LeanRock from Whip-Mix is an ISO Type 4, low-expansion die stone ideal for pouring small batches (about 6) and creating working models in...
Used for construction of working models and dies for implant cases, precision attachment cases and all crown and bridge cases Provides...
Buff Stone from Whip-Mix is a Type 3 gypsum indicated for all standard lab uses. Buff Stone has a long working time, allowing for various...
COECAL Type III Dental Stone is a hard, quick setting, accurate laboratory stone used for study models, working models and flasking...
Plaster Bin from Handler is a 3-compartment plaster bin made from heavy gauge sheet steel and finished in a long-lasting, baked warm-gray...
FRC Postec® Plus are fiber reinforced, highly esthetic and translucent post used for endodontic treatment of coronally damaged teeth. The...
A high-performance plaster treatment and not comparable to die spacers. Extremely low viscosity liquid soaks into plaster and cures...
Resin Rock from Whip-Mix is a resin fortified, low expansion die stone manufactured with synthetic resin and alpha gypsum to create a...
Van Rock Diestone is a reliable product that produces exceptional surface smoothness on all working models. Available in green in a 25lb...
Bitestone from Whip-Mix is a very fast setting stone ideal for mounting cases and securing gnathological instruments into position. Has...

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