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Type 8000 Die Epoxy provides excellent dimensional stability. Improved Type 8000 can be trimmed and sawed with ease, yet is extremely...
Suprastone by Kerr is a die stone used on high expansion crown and bridges. Available in 33 lb cartons in blue and green.
Hydrock Rapid Stone by Kerr is available in 33lb cartons and ideal for use on full or partial denture models and study models. Hydrock...
Kerr's Super-Sep Pump Spray is a gypsum separating fluid. Super-Sep successfully leaves no film behind and dries on contact. The special...
Dimensionally stable Esthetically pleasing Excellent working characteristics and minimal shrinkage 30 g, 50 g and 100 g package complete...
Allows film forming for release of plaster to stone, plaster to plaster and stone to stone. Hardens models and preserves fine detail.
Van Rock Diestone is a reliable product that produces exceptional surface smoothness on all working models. Available in green in a 25lb...
Used for construction of working models and dies for implant cases, precision attachment cases and all crown and bridge cases Provides...
The investment is formulated specifically for use with pressable ceramics as well as ceramic and crown and bridge alloys. Creare Vest...
Just a dab holds assemblies during soldering, welding or firing Applies easily to board or coping interior Works instantly, no mixing or...
CEREC Stone BC by Sirona Dental Systems LLC is a modeling material when combined with CEREC Bluecam allows you to create high-precision...
Prevents die epoxy from sticking to all types of impressions. Easy spray-on or paint. Nonflammable formula leaves a fine, thin film.

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  • Sara Grillo

    Through its passion for single-patient-use products, Microcopy ensures that every bur in its NeoDiamond product line—regardless of its shape, size, or grit—offers the best of both worlds: multi-use quality in a single-use package.

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    • Date: 10/01/2020

    Many dental professionals believe antibiotics are the answer to treating gum disease, however it isn’t as effective as you may think. Perio Protect’s Founder Duane C. Keller explains how hydrogen peroxide acts as the most ideal management of biofilm and bacteria in the mouth, directly treating that bacteria that might be resistant to antibiotic...

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  • Brian Donahue

    Trays that are made of metal don’t have this memory—their inherent stiffness prevents bending and they do not exhibit rebound upon removal. A good example is the Quad-Tray® Xtreme™ from Clinician’s Choice®, which was designed specifically to prevent impression distortion. These disposable, dual-arch impression trays are made from rigid aluminum...

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  • Arthur Volker, DDS, MSEd, FAGD

    When it comes to making a big impact on your day-to-day patient care, it’s important to look beyond the large equipment. Why? Because it’s the small equipment—curing lights, loupes, handpieces, and the like—that can most significantly impact the ease and efficacy of our daily practice.

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    • Date: 10/01/2020

    For many patients suffering from bleeding and infected gums, the side effects are unbearable: bad breath, bleeding when brushing and no confidence in one’s smile. Perio Protect’s Managing Director Tanya Dunlap explains the main reason for periodontal disease being biofilm and bacteria buildup and how Perio Protect’s Perio Trays treat the cause...

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  • Sara Grillo

    Alloplastic grafts, while not new to dentistry, are becoming more widely used by both dentists and implantologists—in part because of their high compatibility with patients’ own bone. Not only do synthetic bone-grafting materials limit rejection and the risk of transmitting disease pathogens, but they offer ideal hardness, osteoconduction, and a...

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