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Implant parallelism is not readily doable if "eyeballing" during implant placement. Another alternative is the fabrication of an...
The “Little GEM” Edentulous Mandible Implant Location Guide is simple to use, noninvasive, cold sterilizable and ensures implants are...
This flexibility provides improved esthetics and restorative options while solving common problems such as buccal access holes and...
Knurled gold plated TI housing for incorporation into acrylic. Alignment groove on top of housings to assure clip and housing parallelism...
ids (integrated dental systems) introduces the Meg-Torq wireless auto torque driver. The Meg-Torq is the easiest, fastest, and safest way...
The Universal Plunger Loc precision attachment by PREAT Corporation is designed to stop posterior liftoff on bar cases.
PRECI-SAGIX INTRO KIT M #1303 Introduction Kit from PREAT Corporation includes cast-on NOPRAX males, the necessary tools and females in...
18mL syringe enables the pickup of about 30 attachments
The Shiner Magnet Lab Intro Kit from PREAT Corporation is perfect for all dental laboratories.
The Shiner Implant Kit from PREAT Corporation includes 6 regular magnets, 6 processing pieces, 6 impression pieces, and 6 model pieces, 1...
The Shiner Implant Kit from PREAT Corporation includes 6 regular magnets, 6 processing pieces, 6 impression pieces, and 6 model pieces, 1...
The Preci-Clix Complete Female from PREAT is an all in one solution for a single ball abutment.

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  • Marie

    When is an O-ring your go-to? When, as a clinician, you’re dealing with compromised restorative space, patient budget, and hygiene and dexterity concerns, a stud attachment may be best for the case. Many of those cases, especially when it involves an implant, endodontically treated tooth, or crown, may benefit from the use of an O-ring...

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  • Marie

    When placing a prosthesis in a patient with challenging anatomy, a clinician can benefit from using an attachment system like a Hader Bar. The Hader Bar’s design provides advantages over other overdenture systems. Its strength and flexibility allows for vertical and rotational movement, making it ideal for: a two-abutment bar with a single...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Working with a company that listens to your needs can make all the difference. And that’s what happened when PREAT Corporation developed the Cuff Height & Angulation Tool Set. PREAT received several calls from dentists asking how best to measure tissue cuff height and abutment angulation to determine what angle multiunit or esthetic abutment...

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