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Impression and Registration Materials and Accessories CATEGORY DESCRIPTION

Accurate dental impressions are critical to achieving successful restorations.


Alginates, used for preliminary impressions for complete dentures and in endentulous patients with undercut ridges, come in powder form and are available in Type I fast-setting (1-2 minutes) and Type II normal setting (2-4.5 min) as bulk powder, pre-weighed packages, and color-changing (violet during mixing, pink when ready for seating, and white when set). They are typically easy to mix, manipulate and remove.


Vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) is a hydrophilic material that produces highly accurate dental and gingival impressions that resist distortion and tearing upon removal. Viscosities range from light body to heavy body/putty for bite impressions, and set times range from 2 to 5 minutes.


Available in regular (2:30 minute work/set time) and fast-set (1:30 minute work/set time), superhydrophilic impression materials’ superior wetting agents enhance hydrophilic properties for optimal accuracy. Excellent tear strength makes superhydrophilics effective in resisting deformation without irritating tissue.


Ancillary impression-related materials include stock trays for hydrocolloid impression materials (regular, edentulous and orthodontic style rim-locking and mesh) and custom trays (made from tray acrylic). Bite records/interocclusal registrations are divided into 3 categories: those for limited treatment segments (1-2 teeth), for a group of teeth (such as a quadrant), and for a single arch or both arches together.

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It also features flexible, absorbent foam side walls that gently manipulate soft tissue and cushion bony tori to reduce distortions and...
Non-water cooled, metal impression trays are available in Regular, Orthodonic, Edentulous, or Partial designs and are sold in singles or...
Imprint II heavy body impression material available in Penta or Cartridge delivery and a refill includes four-50 mL Cartridges Quick Step...
Imprint 3 VPS impression material features exceptional toughness and demonstrates high tear strength to preserve the impression when the...
The material remains stable to increase working time and can be poured multiple times without losing accuracy. Its smooth surface makes...
They are available in solid or perforated to accomodate many techniques. The sideless COE Triple Function Tray is adjustable in 4...
The thixotropic material becomes rigid after setting and exhibits exceptional elastic recovery. Tropicalgin comes in a patient-pleasing...
GC America's COE ALGINATE is a impression material used for endentulous and study model impressions for orthodontics and prosthodontics....
This material features exceptional dimensional stability, allowing models to be poured from the same impression for up to 2 weeks....
>Mousse-like and Thixotropic, fluffy vinyl polysiloxane material. Used for bite registration, copying transfers, and primary impression...
Kettenbach USA Identium Impression Material Identium impression material combines the best features of both A-silicone and polyether...
The new Orthodontic Monophase material is ideal for single-viscosity, fullarch impressions.

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  • Louis F. DeSantis, DDS, FACP

    While we’re moving towards a digital environment, I am of the belief that we will always live in an analog world. My belief, based on my understanding of where we are in 2018, is that there is still a place for high-quality impression materials, even though more and more dentists are moving over to digital. As one of my colleagues once said,...

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    Dr. Phil Elmo of Dublin, Ohio, was looking to make 45 mouth guards for his son’s lacrosse team. “Our practice wanted to help provide the oral protection they need for such a physical sport,” he said. But Elmo runs a busy prosthodontic practice, and he didn’t have time to create the guards the way he had in the past—by making (in this case) 45...

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    As humans, we are easily attracted to a “deal” or what may seem to be a “better” deal. Like a moth to a flame, it is very hard to resist a discount or a way to save money; however, it can bite ya’ in the you-know-what. This is what is happening with some dentists who have opted to buy shorter, private label mixing tips for extruding Kettenbach’s...

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    . When Microcopy came up with articulation paper with a built-in handle, the domino effect included eliminating forceps, which means one less instrument needing to be located, getting dirty, or requiring sterilization. The easy-grip handle is thicker at the anterior, to prevent gloves from picking up ink and then spreading it around. It’s double...

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  • Allison Walker

    Kettenbach’s Panasil family of award-winning A-silicone-based impression materials is celebrating an impressive 35 years of being a world-wide market leader in the dental industry. Providing consistent, predicatable results, Panasil has gone through multiple advancement over the years. The Panasil line offers some unique features. Perhaps most...

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  • Allison Walker

    In order to make a precisely fitting restoration, the impression must be a perfect match of the preparation. Any imperfections may not be noticed until it’s time to fit the restoration, and you know how frustrating that can be. VOCO America's V-Posil Heavy Soft Fast is an A-silicone-based hydrophilic precision VPS heavy body impression material...

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