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Lensiora HD is a high-quality, high-definition intraoral camera that is simple to operate and comes with free technical support.
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The Claris i4D is an advanced intraoral dental camera system that features a Sony Super HAD color 1/4-inch imager, precision optics with...
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DiscoveryPad includes a new adjustable focus wireless intraoral camera, which features an adjustable focal length from macro to full...
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SOPROLIFE easily switches from intraoral camera to caries-detection device. ACTEON’s SOPROLIFE (light-induced fluorescence evaluator) is...
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Intraoral cameras have become an essential technology in dental practices. Now, your practice can show patients the care they need with...
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Schick by Sirona offers the lightweight Schick USBCam4 intraoral camera with high image sensitivity to provide excellent image quality....
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A bright and clear OLED screen provides device stats, and the dual-layer lens does not fog up during use. The Discovery360’s “easy...
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The CS 1500 intraoral camera offers a wide focus range of 1mm to infinity plus the highest resolution on the market—enabling you to...
CamX Elara was intended for assisting you with telling your patient’s oral health history. All aspects of the device were designed to...
The All-New Claris i5HD takes advantage of the most advanced sensor and fastest video processor technology, allowing it to effortlessly...
GC America introduces the Aadva IOS Intraoral Scanner. This economical, powder-free device offers an ideal synergy between digital...
Discover ProductivityRF America Debuts DiscoveryPad2DiscoveryPad2 is the lightest all-in-one imaging system in the world at 2.06...

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  • Michael Howard

    Digital photography presents dental practices with innumerable opportunities. Not only do high-quality images allow clinicians to document cases with true-to-life accuracy, but they can also streamline and improve communication between professionals and patients. From diagnosis and treatment planning to patient education and social media...

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  • Jeff Peifer, DMD

    Here, Dr. Peifer discusses his favorite products to use for indirect restorations.

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  • Michael Howard

    In today’s digital age, clinical photography offers dental practices greater opportunity than ever before. Images taken with modern digital cameras can provide detailed case documentation and facilitate communication between clinicians, patients and laboratory technicians. Clinical photography has versatile applications across all fields of...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    "I'm done with the pink goop." That was the text message I received the other day from a relieved friend in a dental office. She had just been fitted for a sleep appliance. More on my behalf than her own, she asked the dentist if he had a digital scanner. He politely said he didn't have the technology yet. Yet = the operative word for 2018, now...

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  • Michael Howard

    In an age where digital photography has become increasingly integral to dentistry, a camera that not only delivers high-quality imagery but is also easy to operate is a major asset to any dental office or laboratory. Photography plays a critical part in patient records and education as well as diagnosis and procedural planning. Orthodontics,...

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  • Marie

    Advancements in imaging have revolutionized clinicians’ ability to view the intricacies of a patient’s anatomy, including the mouth. In an age where nearly everyone is carrying a camera, patients have come to expect a visual component when a dentist provides a diagnosis or treatment plan. Pictures often do more to make the case for a procedure...

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