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The BFC impression material syringe is a small, yet sensibly angled tip that gives you easy access to even the distals of second molars...
EdgeMix is a two-step, 2-in-1 irrigant that provides removal of the smear layer and dentin mud while killing root canal bacteria.
Save time, save money and improve outcomes in cleansing root canalsd
Coltene’s CanalPro Color Syringes (available in 10 mL and 5 mL) are color-coded for easy organizing and identification for irrigants and...
This narrow, flexible tip easily navigates curved canals.
Calasept EDTA is specificaly formulated to help in the navigating of root canals by endodontic instruments. The EDTA forms a water...
With this double side vented, high quality, luer lock irrigation needle, you are certain to get a safe and effective irrigation when...
These single use, high quality, 3 ml luer lock syringes are intended for irrigation. Color-coded irrigation syringes eliminate the risk...
1” Bendable Irrigating Tips Luer lock hub with Secure-Lock™ threads to lock tip in place for increased safety and ease of use. • Slotted...
1” Bendable Irrigating Tips • Slotted and side-vented for safe irrigation • Luer Lock Hub
Kerr Endodontics announces the launch of Endovac Pure, an irrigation system that combines a portable base unit with a sterile packed...
The 30-Gauge Irrigation Needle Tip is bendable, features side-vent irrigation and is designed for irrigating and cleansing pocket holes,...

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