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Save time and reduce stress with easy isolation, suction, and retraction. Isolite is a dental isolation system for clinical use by dental...
DryShield all-in-one isolation system combines high-suction evacuation and saliva ejection with a bite block, tongue shield, and oral...
ViscoStat Clear from Ultradent is formulated to be viscous while also being spreadable, allowing for better placement and control. This...
Isovac® is a dental isolation adapter that can easily be relocated to any operatory in a dental practice. Isovac connects onto your...
Making a Good Impression Virtually every dentist will agree that one of the keys to receiving an ideal restoration from a lab is a great...
Henry Schein introduces RETREAT K cord which is knitted into thousands of loops, forming interlocking chains that hold and carry more...
Airway Armor protects a patient's airway from accidental aspiration and ingestion of unwanted materials. The single-use, perforated...
This is the high-performance isolation solution you’ve been waiting for. The Isolite 3 allows you to quickly and easily implement a...
Our patented single-use mouthpieces are used in conjunction with the Isovac and have been specifically designed around the anatomy and...
SafeGauze HemoStat is intended to safely and effectively manage topical wounds and temporarily control external surface bleeding.
Super Dam is a latex dental dam that creates an uncontaminated working field and eliminates visual obstructions. Each dam is slightly...
Hygenic® Dental Dam Clamp Sets contain the clamps most needed for dam applications. Contains winged size: 1, 2, 4, 7, 8A, 9, 12A, 13A, 14A

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  • Marie

    How much time could you save if you only had to place a suction device in a patient’s mouth once? If you’re looking for relief from constant replacement of your suction device, you’ll find it with Ivory® ReLeaf™, a hands-free suction device from Kulzer, launched earlier this year. ReLeaf, a patient friendly, hands-free high-volume evacuation...

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  • Marie

    Two unique and timesaving products, Ivory ReLeaf and Ivory LinguaGuard, recently became available through Kulzer’s network of dental distributors. If you’re not familiar with these products, you may be interested to know that they can improve your suction process at your practice. Hands-free dental suction system Ivory ReLeaf connects easily to...

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  • Allison Walker

    There isn’t a dental procedure that doesn’t benefit from a moisture- and contamination-free field. There isn’t a dentist or hygienist who wouldn’t benefit from a well-lit working field, not to mention hands-free isolation and retraction. There probably isn’t a patient who wouldn’t find this patented, award-winning method of keeping the mouth...

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  • Allison Walker

    Microcopy’s “Pink to Make You Think” campaign continues through December 31. Since 2014, Microcopy has offered pink NeoDrys from October through December to raise awareness of, and funds to donate toward, breast cancer research. NeoDrys are super absorbent and provide the ultimate parotid control for up to 15 minutes. Their shiny backing bounces...

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  • Allison Walker

    Dentists rely on dental assistants. Hygienists probably wouldn’t mind having hygiene assistants. And sometimes assistants need assistance. The Isovac, from Isolight Systems, is essentially like having an extra hand, or pair of them, as the case may be. This mouthpiece provides hands-free retraction, isolation, and evacuation all at once. Isovac...

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  • Brian Donahue

    Isolite Systems took the dental world by storm when it introduced the Isolite more than 15 years ago, later broadening its portfolio with the Isodry and Isovac. No longer would rubber dams and cotton rolls rule the day—for those seeking proper isolation and moisture control, along with better visibility and more comfortable patients, this new...

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