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Dental lasers enable precise, efficient, minimally invasive treatment. Categorized as soft-tissue lasers or lasers for cutting both soft and hard tissues, or by the medium used to create their energy, each laser’s wavelength has a specific thermal output and tissue interaction.

Diode (830nm-1,064nm), Nd:YAG (1,064nm) and CO2 (9.3nm-10.6nm) lasers are used primarily on soft tissue. They enhance visualization by cutting and sealing simultaneously, and tend to minimize postoperative pain. Diode and Nd:YAG energy penetrates a few millimeters into tissue, while CO2 energy penetrates less than a millimeter, producing excellent coagulation.

Among the growing indications for soft-tissue lasers are frenectomies, biopsies, periodontal treatment, and aphthous ulcer destruction. Some diodes have settings for pain treatment and whitening, and a 655nm diode helps to identify caries, which fluoresce upon exposure to this wavelength.

Erbium-based lasers (2,790nm-2,940nm; Er:YAG and Er,Cr:YSGG) cut tooth and bone, as well as soft tissue. Erbiums produce hemostasis less effectively than soft-tissue lasers but, with penetration measured in microns, tend to be gentle on tissues.

Erbiums are effective for a wide range of applications, from cavity preparation, caries removal and composite removal, to ulcer treatment and use in advanced periodontal protocols. Many erbium-assisted procedures can be performed without anesthesia.

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The SL3 soft-tissue diode laser is engineered by the same innovators of DenMat's NV Microlaser, and delivers advanced portability,...
The Precise SHP Diode Laser is the first mobile touch-screen diode laser to feature the iPod touch. This laser system provides live...
The Picasso Plus has an innovative design, 7W of power, 8 programmable presets, color touchscreen, multilingual menu, option of ...
Designed for the first-time laser dentist and hygienist, the Picasso Lite Plus has an ultra-affordable price point, ease of use, and...
Solea’s CO2 laser operates at a unique wavelength of 9.3 µm and has sophisticated, yet simple, computer controls that enable high-speed,...
With scaled-back frequency bandwidth, software and accessories, this model creates an ideal, cost-effective gateway for newcomers who...
The Biolase WaterLase iPlus is the all-tissue laser trusted by the most dentists worldwide, with over 27,300,000 patients treated. The...
PerioLase is designed to perform a wide range of soft- and hard-tissue laser procedures. The PerioLase Dental Laser, launched by ...
With no foot pedal, power cord or external controls, the revolutionary iLase takes dental lasers beyond portable. The iLase ergonomic...
The SiroLaser Advance Plus from Dentsply Sirona combines cutting-edge innovation and multi-wavelength technology, featuring both the 970...
BIOLASE’s fifth-generation Waterlase Express all-tissue laser system features easy-to-use procedure pre-sets, with a simple, one-slider...
Product Description: Convergent Dental’s Solea SW 3.1.1 provides dental professionals with unprecedented usability and control while...

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