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Used in dentistry for more than 150 years, nitrous oxide (N2O) remains a common adjunct to local anesthetics, producing analgesic and anxiolytic effects with a rapid onset of action and quick recovery, and excellent efficacy and safety profiles. N2O is administered as a 25%-50% mixture with oxygen, with equipment typically including an N2O and O2 delivery system, a gas mixing bag, and a nasal mask (reusable or disposable) or nasal canula with a positive pressure relief valve

Every N2O system should be equipped with a scavenging system to pick up excess gases. A flow meter or equivalent measuring device should be readily visible, and the vacuum pump should have a capacity of up to 45 liters of air/minute/workstation. Masks should come in various sizes to ensure proper fit.

Older flow tube flowmeter technology is now being replaced by digital electronic flow control devices with resolution of gas flow in increments of 0.1 liter/minute, and the total flow and percentage of oxygen displayed digitally. This eliminates the guesswork or calculations required with simple flow tube devices.

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X-ray compatible and autoclavable, the Accutron Scavenging Circuit consists of a clear exhalation valve hub, a vacuum control assembly...
X-ray compatible and autoclavable, the Accutron Scavenging Circuit consists of a clear exhalation valve hub, a vacuum control assembly...
For quick and easy retrofit of your present scavenger system to the more efficient PORTER double mask breathing circuit. PORTER No....
The transparent hub for the Scavenging Circuit from Accutron permits visual monitoring of patient respiration during dental procedures....
The Safe Sedate dental nasal mask is a single patient use, disposable nitrous oxide delivery system that will replace your existing...
Accutrons Personal Inhaler Plus+ is the only colored and scented nasal hood manufactured in the USA. It is designed to provide patients...

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