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The applicator design features a stiffer head that allows for scrubbing, reliable fibers that stay on the tip, and a stronger bendable...
Maxima HP Mixing Tips are compatible with all 50 mL dual-barrel impression material cartridges and are available in 48 per package.
Medicom introduces Pro-Tip Turbo, the single-use air/water syringe tip that safeguards against cross contamination from biofilm build-up...
The disposable HVE tip has 12 locking angle adjustment positions that allow it to meet treatment and operator requirements. It offers...
Revolutionary Saliva Ejector That's Kinder to Patients Crosstex Comfort Plus Premium Saliva Ejector With its innovative design, Comfort...
Park Dental Research's Continuous Feedback torque wrench provides feedback at every turn of implant placement. This wrench is constructed...
The Luxel+ radiation-monitoring badge from Landauer is the most accurate radiation-monitoring device available.
Made from renewable, sustainable paper, ECOtip is an alternative to plastics. Engineered and tested to provide outstanding stiffness,...
Vita North America’s VITA Vacumat 6000 M furnace offers fast-cooling, power failure protection, and automatic temperature adjustment....
For maximum convenience Flowthru applicators fit any standard Luer-Lock syringe and are bendable up to 90º without crimping. In addition,...
WhisperSafe HVE Tips Practicon Dental WhisperSafe HVE tips are designed to smooth turbulent airflow, eliminating more than 50% of the...
8 oz plastic dispenser bottle - All natural cleaning...

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  • Marie

    You may already be familiar with AdDent’s popular Calset Composite Warmer. This innovative device now heats up 8 compules of composite at once. Choose from three options for temperature – 98, 130 and 155 degrees. The heating element is significant because when you heat composite, you can improve its strength and flowabilty. Warmed composite also...

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  • Marie

    AdDent’s Calset Composite Warmer and CoMax Composite Dispenser are both Best of Class Award 2018 winners from the consulting firm Cellerant. The coveted Best of Class award recognizes innovation in the dental industry, specifically products that are changing how practices operate. The awards program launched in 2009. According to Cellerant, the...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Cotton pellets. They seem like such a basic item, but they really are versatile little things. As a patient, I had no idea how many things they’re used for…from drying cavities and controlling moisture to applying solutions As a dentist, you want cotton pellets that are reputably manufactured and made of materials that meet the demands of your...

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  • Richmond Dental & Medical

    Everything You Need to Know When Choosing a Dental Cotton Roll To the layman, it probably seems like a cotton roll is a simple, straightforward dental product. However, there can be some variance between different dental cotton rolls, especially when quality can differ from brand to brand. For dental professionals, there are specific qualities...

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  • Allison Walker

    The cara Print 4.0 in-house printer from Kulzer offers clinicians and dental technicians a faster, more economical method of producing polymer-based dental appliances. The addition process produces less waste than milling, most results can be printed in less than an hour, and the cara Print 4.0 meets all 3D accuracy requirements. A Digital Light...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Whether delivering air, water, or mist, nearly all dental procedures require use of an air/water syringe, which is why syringe tips are so important. The ideal syringe tip is versatile, hygienic, single-use, and easy to use, and Medicom’s new Pro-Tip Turbo single-use air/water syringe tips lives up to all those expectations. Unique Dual-Chamber...

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