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The OperaVR Digital Nitrous system has introduced another update to the platform, OperaVR Facts. Designed to boost a practice’s case...
Lexikeet DentiSUITE is a complete mobile toolkit to streamline consultations and informed consent, shown to increase case acceptance and...
In the 2½-day, CE-eligible workshop, you’ll learn how to deepen and broaden your referral base and establish relationships with the teams...
In the 2½-day, CE-eligible workshop, you’ll learn how to deepen and broaden your referral base and establish relationships with the teams...
Coming off the success of the original CAESY Cloud system, Patterson Dental announced the debut of CAESY Cloud 2.4, an easy-to-use...
InfoSign Media announces a cloud version patient educational solution for dental treatment rooms. ServDentist Solo is an interactive and...
Patient-Education Cards Dental Care Cards answer the most commonly asked patient questions about 8 dental procedures. How much...
His Custom Coaching Program has helped thousands of doctors achieve practice success, with a special emphasis on increased case...
DDS GP Patient Education Application KickYourApps, Inc This patient education app is easy for the dentist to use and the patient to...
CaerVision provides digitally customized, educational programming for office waiting and reception areas. Dentist offices get a large,...
Orthoease now offers 1 new patient education system, Orthoease Insight. Orthoease Insight allows orthodontists and their staff to...
DentalImplan patient education software helps dentists clearly and simply explain implant dentistry, implant surgery, restorative...

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  • Dental Product Shopper

    Although case acceptance has historically been considered the doctor’s job, busy doctors are limited in how much time they can spend discussing treatment with a patient. A dedicated treatment coordinator, however, can spend as much time as necessary to answer all the patient’s questions, which can greatly improve your case acceptance rate.

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  • Sharde Harvey, DDS

    While bruxism has many contributing factors outside the immediate realm of dentistry—including anxiety, stress, smoking, caffeine, use of amphetamines, snoring, fatigue, and sleep apnea—dentists are in a unique position to screen for it and the commonly associated sleep apnea, and in the process, we can save lives.

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  • Katie Kupczyk RDH, BSDH, BS

    Every patient is different, so to provide the most effective caries prevention, each individual may require a unique combination of education and hygiene tools. Here, Katie Kupczyk shares her top 5 considerations for preventing tooth decay.

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Spear Education's Online Platform: Your Resource for Ongoing Education For every dentist, education is the gateway to their professional life. It’s also the gateway to professional growth. All the years of education and training to become a dentist took passion and genuine interest in the subject matter. Further into their careers, dentists need...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    You don’t even have to be a dentist to agree on these three points about professional development: 1. Learning in “the real world” is a lot different than learning in a classroom. 2. In-person networking is valuable and can lead to new opportunities. 3. Everyone can feel professionally “stuck” or isolated from time to time. Usually the way to...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    “Come check us out for your next root canal,” isn’t exactly an effective marketing pitch. It’s why endodontists rely greatly on referred cases. I recently came across a TED Talks playlist called “the power of asking.” The description read, “These talks reveal that some things are more within your grasp than you may think, especially if you ask.”...

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