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Unlike other dowl- and wedge-shaped fiber posts, Essential Dental Systems’ EZ-Fit Translucent has a second tier to prevent “bottoming...
Rebilda Post GT, a uniquely innovative bundled glass fiber-reinforced resin post, consists of multiple diametrically smaller (0.3 mm) posts.
iLumi posts provide omnidirectional light transmission for efficient and consistent bond curing deep into the root canal. Each microfiber...
Roydent's Vented posts are made from surgical grade stainless steel for greater strength. Has parallel sides and is non-engaging.
Crown Posts by Miltex are posts used to support crowns for dental restorations.
C-I Plastic Burn Out & Stainless Steel Temporary Posts from Parkell are available in medium and fine to best fit your needs. Stainless...
Designed for the general dentist and endodontist, Ultradent’s Unicore Accessory Posts work to fill voids in the root canal, improving the...
Anchorage Gold-Plated Posts from JS Dental feature a parallel-sided middle section with an anatomical cone shaped tip for superior...
C-I Stainless Steel Flat Head Post from Parkell is designed for use on composite and amalgam cores. The high quality post is equipped...
NuBond Posts from Ellman International are used to support full crowns on endodontically broken teeth, supports restorations with...
NuBond Posts from Ellman International are used to support full crowns on endodontically broken teeth, supports restorations with...
NuBond Posts from Ellman International are used to support full crowns on endodontically broken teeth, supports restorations with...

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    Have you heard that Super Glue was used to seal battle wounds in World War II? Although it’s a fantastic story, it’s not true. A British woman, however, took do-it-yourself dentistry to a new level and repaired her own teeth with Super Glue for 10 years – just to avoid the dentist! Angie Barlow, who appears in the BBC documentary "The Truth...

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    The new instruments available through Paradise Dental Technologies were designed by Dr. Alfonso Pineyro, a prosthodontist, specifically for cleaning around dental implants. In many cases, these unique instruments make it possible to leave hybrid prosthetics in place during hygiene treatment, which saves time and eliminates a lot of frustration...

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    With more over-the-counter whitening products available than ever, you might expect the professional whitening business to become a thing of the past. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Today, whitening is still the most requested cosmetic procedure in dental practices and modern advances afford the process multiple advantages...

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    To formulate this Top 10 list in the upcoming pages, we consulted our DPS evaluators, our editorial team, and website analytics on Through this data, we are able to provide you with the most popular and intriguing handpieces currently on the market. Researching your next handpiece purchase? You’ve come to the right...

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  • Steven Klett

    There are many reasons why dental healthcare professionals prefer to order supplies online, and most have to do with time savings and convenience. During a busy workday, it’s easier to search for and select the products you need online and to quickly place an order. If you forget something, modifying your order is just a simple click away....

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  • Allison Walker

    Sunstar’s GUIDOR Bioresorbable Matrix Barrier membranes have a unique, multi-layer composition that help stabilize wound sites and promote integration with periodontal tissues. The membranes have multiple layers, each with a different pattern of perforation, which controls the type of cell that can grow into the space within the membrane. The...

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