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Traxodent provides predictable tissue management for accurately detailed impressions with less retakes. Each Traxodent kit comes with...
The light green color of DryZ contrasts with gingiva, blood, and tooth structure, making it easy to detect where the material has been...
Ultrapak Cord from Ultradent is 100% cotton knitted into thousands of loops to aid in the exertion of gentle, continuous outward...
According to 3M ESPE, this system can save substantial time—up to 50% faster compared to retraction cords—while effectively deflecting...
Easy to place Cheek Retractor useful for restorative work, oral surgery, orthodontic bonding, and photography. The one-piece design...
The unique braided construction of 100% cotton Gingi-Pak Z-Twist Weave Braided Cord packs easily, remains in place, is easily seen in the...
Richmond's Wrapped Rolls are a great, reliable alternative among dental rolls. Their soft, non-woven absorbent casing contains no starch...
Sprig’s HemeRx retraction pellets deliver simple and superior hemostasis management for pediatric restorative procedures without leaving...
Dryz from Parkell is a Gingival Hemostatic Retraction Paste that is used to stop bleeding/seepage during impression taking. The solution...
​KaVo Kerr introduces Take 1 Retraction Paste, a minimally invasive paste that promotes moisture control and hemostasis while temporarily...
Microbrush announces that it has launched its newest moisture control product, Reflective DryTips. Reflective DryTips provide excellent...
Perfect Cheek Retractors are a hands-free, self-retaining way to get a full view of the patient’s mouth during direct bonding...

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  • Robert Beatty, DDS

    Human salivary glands produce around 0.25–0.35 mL of saliva per minute. No one understands this better than the dental clinician tasked with maintaining a dry field in a naturally moist environment. Featuring optimal moisture control and ideal patient comfort, Directa Dental’s DryDent offers a superabsorbent solution.

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  • Michael Howard

    Gingival Retraction: Maximizing Efficacy and Efficiency Selecting the right gingival retraction technique can be a challenge. Many times, when trying to achieve an ideal impression on the first attempt, dentists will simply utilize whichever method they are most familiar with. Other times, clinicians might implement every technique at their...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    Technological advancements in dentistry aren’t all about imaging and CAD/CAM. Much progress is being made in bonding systems and restorative materials, providing more choice and flexibility to dentists in everyday procedures. This was the topic of a recent peer-reviewed publication, “Leveraging Advances in Restorative Dentistry.” In this CE...

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  • Samantha Negraval

    The recent 2019 Oscars ceremony drove home the importance of a good first take. During a live awards show, there’s really no time for an "oops and re-do" thanks to a tight schedule and an expectant audience. In dentistry, you have a packed patient schedule and the show is “live,” albeit in front of a much smaller audience. In both cases, time is...

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  • Allison Walker

    After a tooth has been extracted, stopping bleeding is the first order of business. It speeds up wound healing, and provides more than one kind of relief for patients. When blood mixes with saliva, it looks like there is a lot more blood than there really is, which can make one freak right out! Medicom has a solution for that. SafeGauze HemoStat...

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  • Richmond Dental & Medical

    Reflective Shields Plus® Product Receives High Marks Richmond Dental & Medical’s Reflective Shields Plus product continues to garner high praise, and with good reason: these cheek retractors have always been a hit with dentists and patients alike since they were specifically created to provide absorption, superior illumination, and comfort...

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