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Embrace is the first pit and fissure sealant that bonds to the moist tooth. Research shows remarkable sealing ability and adaptation to...
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Champ by Centrix Inc. is a light-activated, pit and fissure sealant that seals against micro leakage. It is packaged in a single-use...
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Clinpro Sealant by 3M is a light-cure, fluoride-releasing pit and fissure sealant to help in the prevention of cavities.
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Seal-Rite is 34.4% filled and flows nicely from cusp to cusp. The pearlescent color of Seal-Rite is easily seen.
Rating 4 9 Customer Reviews
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Ultradent’s UltraSeal XT plus sealant uses a unique syringe for direct, bubble-free delivery into difficult-to-access areas. The spiral...
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The composite sealant is strong and wear resistant, making it ideal for use as a flowable microrestorative composite and an initial...
Ultradent’s UltraSeal XT hydro hydrophilic sealant bonds to enamel to increase retention at the margin and reduce microleakage, reducing...
With wet-bonding resin technology, PacSeal provides a margin-free bond in the presence of saliva. Sealing against microleakage, it also...
CosmeSeal Filled is the first microfill pit-and-fissure sealant material that marginates smoothly, eliminates unwanted plaque and stain...
FluroShield® is a preventative pit and fissure sealant that creates a combined chemical and mechanical bond to etched enamel when light...
Helioseal® F is a light-curing, white-shaded fissure sealant featuring fluoride release. Fluoride is known to: increase enamel resistance...
Helioseal Clear is a light-curing, transparent fissure sealant. The low viscosity of Helioseal Clear ensures optimum esthetic results and...

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