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AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix, available from BioHorizons, has been a widely accepted acellular dermal matrix (ADM) for soft tissue...
Vital bone tissue is a key component needed to build a foundation for success–whether it’s the osseointegration of a dental implant or...
Sourced from bovine pericardial tissue, the CopiOs Pericardium Membrane from Zimmer provides the characteristics of natural tissue...
BondBone sets quickly and physical properties are not affected by blood and saliva.
It contains no tricalcium phosphates, amorphous phases, or bone-inhibiting pyrophosphates. The grafting particulate consists of clusters...
The cancellous allograft ranges in size from 300 µm to 1000 µm providing handling characteristics for a variety of regenerative...
It offers verified osteoinductive potential for promoting bone growth on a consistent lot-to-lot basis. Demineralized bone matrix content...
With up to 80% porosity and minimal resorption over time, IngeniOs HA is designed to provide long-lasting support of vascularized bone...
Slow-resorbing Puros Cortical Particulate maintains an open network for the proliferation of bone-forming cells. Puros Cortical...
4BONE is a fully synthetic bone graft material made of HA (60%) and ?TCP(40%). Its osteoconductive structure, featuring 70%...
It can be used for both horizontal and vertical soft-tissue augmentation to increase volume and provide a highly cosmetic clinical...
Other types of membranes containing PGA and PLA degrade directly to acids and have been associated with an inflammatory response. BioMend...

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  • Sara Grillo

    Alloplastic grafts, while not new to dentistry, are becoming more widely used by both dentists and implantologists—in part because of their high compatibility with patients’ own bone. Not only do synthetic bone-grafting materials limit rejection and the risk of transmitting disease pathogens, but they offer ideal hardness, osteoconduction, and a...

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  • Sara Grillo

    For Dr. James Cope, GUIDOR easy-graft CLASSIC is a “Swiss army knife” when it comes to ridge preservation after extractions. It recently came to the rescue when treating a 45-year-old patient who presented with pain that kept him awake all night. After extracting the patient’s tooth No. 2, Dr. Cope used the alloplastic bone-grafting material to...

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  • Allison Walker

    Several things set Sunstar’s GUIDOR® easy-graft® Classic Alloplastic Bone Grafting material apart from other bone grafting materials: it is a 100% synthetic biocompatible material that contains a polymer activator called BioLinker; it is the first mouldable, alloplastic bone graft substitute that offers fast in-situ hardening; and it is more...

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