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Cetacaine delivers profound anesthesia with a minimally invasive, needle-free procedure. Cetylite’s Cetacaine Topical Anesthetic Liquid...
One-Up® Bond F Plus is a light-cured, self-etching bonding agent that permits a simplified procedure by eliminating the pretreatment of...
Canker Cover also provides immediate and long-lasting pain relief by steadily releasing pain-numbing natural menthol and other...
HurriCaine Topical Anesthetic from Beutlich provides fast, temporary relief from oral pain within 30 seconds. It consists of 20%...
CaineTips are ideal for pain relief during dental and hygiene procedures. They are also an excellent source of relief for ulcers, wounds,...
HurriCaine Topical Anesthetic from Beutlich provides fast, temporary relief from oral pain within 30 seconds. It consists of 20%...
Topex® Topical Anesthetic delivers maximum strength 20% benzocaine for fast, temporary pain relief. Ideal for use in dental procedures or...
Canker-X is easy for patients to use and is convenient for travel. The aloe-based gel is applied directly to the infection site, reducing...
LolliCaine Topical Anesthetic from Centrix Inc. is a fast-acting 20% benzocaine gel that makes asepsis and post-procedural cleanup...
Gum-Aid is an adhesive denture ointment containing benzocaine used to hold dentures, relieve pain and aid healing. Ideal for new and...
Kolorz Topical Anesthetic Gel contains a maximum strength 20% benzocaine formula that provides fast relief for periodontal curettage and...
GumNumb contains 20% benzocaine, providing a rapid onset within 30 seconds, and a short duration with virtually no systemic absorption....

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Most patients are probably not jumping for joy at the idea of having a dental hygienist paint fluoride varnish on their teeth. After all, who wants to endure a gritty, bad-tasting, filmy layer that flakes off for the next several hours? Because they believe that prevention should be a positive experience for patients, Ultradent Products...

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  • Hayley Bruning

    Centrix’s latest product, E-Lieve, is an effective topical Vitamin E treatment that comes in 0.5-mL, single-patient tubes, eliminating cross-contamination. Along with ensuring the highest degree of infection control with single-use products, clinicians should have on hand a minor soft tissue irritation treatment that soothes and moisturizers...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    What is the strangest thing you’ve found in a patient’s mouth? I think I 'opened a can of worms' when I asked our evaluators this question…pun intended! Read on to find out what ‘weirded out’ our Dental Product Shopper dentists and hygienists. The strangest thing I saw in a patient's mouth was a dead maggot under the tongue partially embedded...

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