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Without air, vacuum, and water systems, a practice simply cannot operate, which is why utilities are an area where few will compromise...
Aeras Dental Vacuums by RAMVAC include cloud-based diagnostic capabilities, allowing you to access your systems from any device, anytime....
The ClassicSeries Wet-Ring Vacuums display top of the line standards in quality and the most trustworthy technologies into one uniform...
Automatic integrated flushing and disinfection also occur inside the central separation tank which thoroughly reduces the spread of germs...
Tankless, enery-efficient dry vacuum system offers quiet performance in compact package.
Every dentist knows that having a functioning dental office mechanical room is vital to a successful dental practice. The last thing you...
Designed to provide energy savings without compromising performance, Air Techniques' VacStar NEO wet vacuum features a variable frequency...
Midmark has introduced the first flexible dry vacuum that is maintenance-free called PowerVac® Oil-Less Dry Vacuums. The performance...
PowerMax Surgical Vacuums incorporate the finest aspects and state-of-the-art technologies in order to produce one uniform offering. The...
Air Techniques continues to make the most reliable and efficient wet-ring dental evacuation systems. The VacStar wet vacuum system allows...
Mojave V15 is a mid-sized solution for clinics smaller than 80 stations, virtually eliminating water consumption. When combined with...
Designed specifically for 1 and 2 operatory practices, Base Vac's M-Vac Series offers up to 25 in Hg of powerful suction. The M-Vac is...

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  • Marie

    If your current vacuum system can’t meet this aerosol-reduction standard, you may want to consider investing in a new system that better protects you, your staff, and your patients. One choice that achieves this goal is DENTALEZ’s line of Aeras Ramvac vacuums, which turns your utility room into a ‘smart’ utility room. Aeras is the only utility...

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  • Julie Schmitt

    Although utility room equipment in a dental practice operates behind the scenes, it cannot be treated with an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. Handpieces and autoclaves will not operate without an air compressor, while HVE systems and other tools that keep a dentist in business require a reliable vacuum system. Without a compressor or...

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  • Julie Cullen

    Have you ever had to break up with a manufacturer because it dropped the ball on customer service? A dentist friend of mine had an experience like that recently and she literally described it as breaking up with the manufacturer…and her sales rep. Air Techniques understands the importance of that relationship and they’ve dedicated resources to...

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