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Almore Mfg Company's Inlay Wax burns out cleanly without residue, maintains dimensional stability, and has little to no stability.
Bite Registration Sheets from Almore Mfg Company conform to the mouth to every detail and will not shrink or distort. These dimesionally...
Tacky at room temperature. Once applied, it will adhere without heat, making it ideal for build-up of impression trays.
Bite Registration Wax by Almore Mfg Company is perfect for checking and maintaining accurate occlusal records. An aluminum foil occlusal...
Almore Mfg Company's Margin Wax resists deformation, breakage, and can be readily shaped or carved.
Vericore Wax Discs from Whip-Mix is a clean burn-out wax ideal for casting or pressing, singles or small bridges. Wax trims effortless...
Denar Bite Registration Wax from Whip-Mix is a one-piece bite registration wax used to obtain precise patient bite records. When heated...
All Season Wax from Yates Motloid is designed using the purest form of waxes to allow for the highest quality product. The wax displays...
The Digital Dipping Pot from Whip-Mix is able to heat a variety of dental waxes quickly and retain their liquid form. Has a built-in...
This high quality, medium hard wax is used for modeling in connection with crown and bridge technique. Easy to mill, but also to scrape,...
All season, all purpose, high grade synthetic baseplate wax that is tough, pliable and boils out cleanly.
Dentsply Set-Up Wax is specially formulated for arranging and articulating artificial teeth. It carves easily and boils-out cleanly.

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