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RadTec Medical Devices’ Radiation Shielding Helmet is a soft-shelled helmet that protects patients from the harmful effects of ionizing...
• Keeps X-rays organized • Double-sided organizer for 18 or 20 full mouth X-rays • Screen printed FDA food grade silicone • Autoclavable
Sensor Slippers are an all-in-one cushion, barrier and positioning aid for digital sensors. • Large (yellow) fits most size 2 sensors...
BiteWing-Ease is an all-in-one cushion, barrier and bitewing tab for digital sensors. Comfort for the patient and ease for the clinician....
Promax Bite Sticks autoclavable bitepieces from Planmeca Inc.
Wrap-Ease is an all-in-one adjustable cushion, barrier and positioning aid for digital sensors. Wrap-Ease can be adjusted to fit all size...
Snug Secure Tab Bitewings are made with ultra-soft material for enhanced patient comfort. Good for digital, conventional and phosphor...
An efficient way to store and transfer your phosphor storage plates Soft interior padding prevents scratching
Edge-Ease X-ray Cushion adheres to all traditional film, phosphor plates and digital sensor barrier sleeves, softening the edges for...
Nomad X-Ray Protector. Disposable plastic covers for digital x-ray sensors. Prevents cross-contamination, protecting patients and staff....
American Tooth Industries' Justi Imperial tooth line includes a large selection of anterior molds based on the human frame and head.
The Every Dentist System The Explorer is so easy to operate, the learning curve is minimal. The Explorer, from CamSight, changes...

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  • Jason Schwartz

    You might have all of the latest technology in your office but are procedures using lasers or x-rays putting your eye-safety at risk? The human eye is extremely sensitive to wavelengths both in and out of the visual spectrum. Cornea damage, retinal burning and even early cataract development can result from insufficient protection. Many...

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  • Allison Walker

    My dentist, who knows I’m a bit of a dental nerd, likes to tell me what new technologies he’s picked up or has been investigating since my last visit. My latest appointment involved updating my x-rays, using his newest digital x-ray machine (which shall remain anonymous!). When the hygienist swung the tubehead around to aim it at my cheek, she...

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    • Date: 10/10/2018

    Click here to learn more about how dental technology has impacted the way Dr. Yong Han Koo practices dentistry.

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    • Date: 10/10/2018

    Click here to learn more about how digital dentistry has changed the way Dr. Anthony Ramirez practices.

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  • Julie Cullen

    The term “good corporate neighborhood” is used by a lot of companies to market themselves to their communities and customers. But I always wonder how many put that phrase into action. Richmond Dental and Medical, a division of Barnhardt Manufacturing Company based in Charlotte, NC, did just that recently when they made a 3-year commitment to...

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  • Michael Howard

    The foundation of a great restoration is a great impression and the key to a great impression lies in tissue management. When it comes to both taking impressions and seating restorations, adequately retracting gingival tissue and maintaining hemostasis minimizes problems and promotes a positive outcome. By taking several considerations into...

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