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Collits Instant Fixative by Buffalo Dental Mfg Co Inc. is designed to allow immediate development of diagnostic x-rays with superior...
Rapid Klene from Premier Dental is an automatic film processor cleaner that is designed to provide results in 20 minutes. Rapid Klene...
Sirona offers inCoris TZI, full-contour zirconia blocks indicated for full-contour crowns, bridges, and screw-retained implant crowns.
Collits Rapid X-Ray Developer from Buffalo Dental Mfg Co Inc. is designed to allow immediate development of diagnostic x-rays with...
This radiographic cleaner is a 1-step cleaner that is safe, nontoxic, biodegradable and nonhazardous. Cleans developer and fixer stains,...
Pro-32 is a professional strength cleaning solution that is safe for all X-ray processors. Used monthly, Pro-32 is the third step of a...
Ready-to-use Developer and Fixer are packaged in a 2.5 gallon containers for use in GENDEX, CORDELL and other processors that recirculate...
Xtender Developer and Fixer is designed for the Xtender film processor and provides average of 3 months of film processing from 1...
IFP Developer is formulated to produce archival X-rays in seconds while maintaining the diagnostic quality of conventional solutions and...
Fixer cleaner concentrate for automatic dental film processors.
• Ready-to-use chemicals • Designed for use in all brands and types of automatic roller processors
• Ready-to-use chemicals • Designed for use in all brands and types of automatic roller processors

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  • Jason Schwartz

    From WRAL in Raleigh, NC, researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are developing a 3D x-ray that offers much more detail than standard x-ray imaging. The technology, called 3D Intraoral Imaging, was invented by UNC physics professors Jianping Lu and Otto Zhou, and like a CT scan, allows clinicians to see slice-by-slice...

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    By now, you’ve heard the warning: After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer support Windows 71, Windows Server 2008, and 2008 R22. If you haven’t yet looked into how to upgrade your operating system, you’re not alone. However, this discussion must begin with an important question: are you willing to accept the risk of running your dental...

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    Dental Product Shopper talks to Dr. Abraham Jaskiel about Bisco's all-Bond Universal

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    Though today’s market offers a diverse array of restorative options, it can be difficult to find a singular product that is not only easy to work with but can quickly and reliably produce dynamic, life-like results. Shofu Dental Corporation, a leading manufacturer of dental materials and equipment, aims to exceed expectations with the...

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    Adapting to an ever-evolving insurance landscape can pose a challenge for dental practices. Today, practices must contend with a large number of insurance programs, shifting plans and eligibility and an increasing proportion of providers in preferred provider (PPO) networks. PPOs now make up 82% of dental plans and 85% of dentists belong to at...

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  • Angela Sabarese

    Bulk filling using traditional composites presents several unique challenges for dental practitioners. A few of the most common issues include gaps, sensitivity, microleakage, wear, chips and cracks due to the brittle nature of the material, and restoration failure. Pulpdent’s ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE provides a clinically proven solution...

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