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Ascentcare Dental Products is focused on the development of dental technologies that span a diverse set of applications. We are engineering, design, and manufacturing professionals dedicated to creating and fostering innovative dental solutions and advanced technologies. Some of our better known products include the Bite Buddy mouth prop system, the Radical Reflector illuminated mouth mirror, the fiber optic Titan Transilluminator and the HyperLUX Light Engine. 


Inline HVE Valve Kit

Inline HVE Valve Kit

Ascentcare Dental Products

Control your HVE instruments at your wrist with the only Inline HVE Valve Kit available. Simply attach the kit to your HVE line to transform the...
Wrist Assist vacuum line relief band

Wrist Assist vacuum line relief band

Ascentcare Dental Products

A helping hand for your helping hand, the Wrist Assist takes the pressure off your wrists while working with HVE instruments. Simply attach your...
Titan Transilluminator transillumination instrument
The Titan Transilluminator is a versatile, fiber optic illuminator with multiple functions. Simple and easy to use, this diagnostic instrument...

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