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Crescent Products is determined to continually improve the dental care client and provider experience. Our ergonomic patient-comfort product line is designed to be mutually beneficial for the practice owner or operator and the client. Our comfort line is designed to assist the operator in maintaining the optimal working posture, while the client experiences heightened comfort in the dental chair. Crescent Products’ comfort line enables the dentist or practice owner to substantially improve the client experience without purchasing new dental chairs. Crescent Products also focuses on meeting the comfort needs of children and the elderly when visiting a dental office. All of our fabrics are hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, ultra-smooth, and soft. All of our products are made in the USA. When it comes to dental chairs, one size does not fit all, and Crescent Products can help.


Crescent Products’ Original Headrest
The Original Dental Headrest is the perfect addition to your dental chair. The Original Headrest consists of the highest quality memory foam and...
Crescent Bodyrest System
Dental Product Shopper Recommended Product

Crescent Bodyrest System

Crescent Products

The Crescent Bodyrest System offers a new level of patient comfort while reducing clinician work strain and fatigue.
Premium Child Booster Seat

Premium Child Booster Seat

Crescent Products

The Crescent Child Booster Seat raises the position of a child on a dental chair. Elevating the position of the young patient has many benefits....



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