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DENTALEZ ® is committed to providing state-of-the-art dental practice solutions for unlimited interconnectivity, choice and control. A true dental pioneer, the Company stands as an indispensable industry staple with over 100 years of experience. DENTALEZ provides real-life solutions for everyday challenges in oral healthcare through a unique union of advanced technical expertise and rich practical experience. With unwavering top-level customer service and support, the Company has securely established itself as a trusted partner in dentistry. DENTALEZ has a proven history of providing tried-and-true dental products and equipment, and continues to manufacture a full line of technologically-advanced front-to-back office solutions from well-known brands including Star, Ramvac,  Forest®, Nevin™ and Columbia Dentoform®. Visit for more information.  


Aeras 500 Elite Handpieces from Star
Dental Product Shopper Recommended Product
The Aeras 500 Elite high-speed air-driven handpiece gives the user the cutting experience of an electric handpiece with the tactile feedback of an...
Aeras Compressors from Ramvac
Aeras from Ramvac keeps your practice powered up, day in and day out. It is part of a smart ecosystem of in-practice tools that will protect...
Fusion Operatory Equipment
The Fusion Package combines high quality electronics, hydraulics, bearings and surface treatments, while staying focused on the elements of design...


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