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Founded in 1996, we’ve earned our reputation by holding our customers needs for quality, affordability and service at our core.

Operating with our EXACTA Promise 100% Money Back Guarantee, we’re raising the bar for what you can expect to find in the dental field. Rest easy knowing you’re always in good hands when you buy direct from us for the best quality products at the best prices on the market.

Contact us today and experience the EXACTA Dental difference for yourself. From our personalized service to our unparalleled quality, we can’t wait to solve your dental needs.

Better prices, better products, better service – that’s the EXACTA Dental way!




Exacta Dental Products, Inc.

The extra wide occlusal plane leads to less distortion and helps to avoid costly remakes. No tray adhesive is needed due to the wide, tear-proof...
EXACTA Temp Xtra

EXACTA Temp Xtra

Exacta Dental Products, Inc.

The new generation of EXACTA Temp Xtra is here. By taking the successful original formula and using new nano-particle technology, EXACTA Temp Xtra...
Fresh Bold Impression Materials and Bite Registrations
FRESH BOLD has been developed with the needs of the dentist and the laboratory in mind. Its hydrophilic surface characteristics with exceptional...


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