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Yomi-NeocisNeocis, a robotics healthcare startup, is transforming dental implant surgery with advanced robotics. The company is focused on enhancing dental surgeons’ capabilities and advancing patient care through the latest technology. Neocis works closely with dental surgeons to understand their needs with the goal of overcoming surgical and treatment challenges. The company is driven to innovate and committed to bring new approaches to improve patient care and quality of life.
Neocis Inc. was founded in Miami, Florida in 2009 by Alon Mozes, PhD, and Juan Salcedo. Mozes and Salcedo spent years developing a prototype, with key clinical input from a close family dentist friend who has the nickname “Yomi”, and patenting the technology. They created Yomi, the first and only robotic device for dental surgery to be commercially available in the United States. Yomi is in clinical use with leading dental surgeons who share the goal of establishing Yomi as the new standard of care for dental implants.

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