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Since 1932, SurgiTel has been innovating in the field of optical technology. Our unique loupes, headlights, and other optical accessories provide both the technical requirements and the ergonomic support to make your work better. We achieve this through our unique designs, our patents and our partnership with Oakley Inc. Our facilities are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.


SurgiTel Ergonomic Custom Loupes
Neck pain is an epidemic among clinicians in all fields, and non-ergonomic loupes can play a role in this pain.
SurgiTel FLM Loupes
SurgiTel's front-lens-mounted (FLM) loupes are fully adjustable on-the-fly to match the clinician and procedure.
Surgitel Micro LED Headlight
Dental Product Shopper Best Product
SurgiTel’s Micro LED headlight was developed to eliminate the drawbacks dental professionals often experience with traditional LED headlights,...


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Why Surgitel?
I've been using Surgitel for over 20 years. Their service and customer support are excellent. I'm a program director of 20 residents, all using a variety of loupes. I can see the quality and design features that sets Surgitel apart. I have no physical stress at the end of the day. Having a properly fitted set of loupes (has my prescription as built in) and a great light (micro) improves my posture and diminishes eye strain.
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