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  • Zyris, Inc. (formerly Isolite Systems)
    6868A Cortona Drive, Santa Barbara, CA, 93117
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Zyris was founded in 2001 by Thomas R. Hirsch, DDS, his brother James Hirsch, an industrial designer, and Sandra Hirsch, CPA. The genesis of the company was a passionate pursuit of revolutionizing the industry through functional, efficient innovation, in a quest to create positive dental experiences for both patients and clinicians.

We are proud to offer three highly-effective, technologically-advanced, award-winning solutions for minimally invasive, easy-to-use dental isolation.

Our products include:
- The ISOLITE 3 illuminated dental isolation system with three levels of intra-oral LED illumination, including non-curing amber light.
- The ISODRY non-illuminated dental isolation system for practitioners who choose to work with external light only.
- The ISOVAC dental isolation adapter, a versatile option for hygiene stations.
- Our isolation mouthpieces work with all of the systems listed above and comfortably retract the patient’s tongue and cheek white protecting their airway. They keep the patient’s mouth gently propped open with continuous two-channel, adjustable suction.


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