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Air-Water and Evacuation Products(3)
Apex Locators & Obturation Systems(1)
Applicators, Dispensing & Mixing Accessories(2)
Applicators, Dispensing & Mixing Accessories(3)
Bonding Multiple Component Separate Etch(2)
Bonding Self etching(2)
Caries Detection(1)
Caries Detection (Digital Equipment)(1)
Core-Build Up Materials(1)
Curing Lights(1)
Direct Restorative Materials(2)
Direct Restorative Materials Miscellaneous(2)
Endodontic Points & Medicaments(3)
Endodontics Miscellaneous(6)
Etchant Intraoral(2)
Hemostatic Agents(1)
Hygiene | Preventive(1)
In-Office Whitening(1)
Irrigants and Irrigation Devices(7)
Perio Instruments(1)
Personal Protection(1)
Retraction Materials(2)
Take-Home Whitening(2)
Ultrasonic Scalers(1)
Universal Composite(3)
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ViraShield is part of a line of Protective Personal Equipment for Dental Professionals. This flexible Plexiglass creates a barrier that...
RE-GEN™ Pit & Fissure Sealant is a hydrophilic, wet bond material, that bonds remarkably well in a moist environment. Because of its...
RE-GEN™ Flowable composite is formulated with a unique combination of thickness and flow in the same material. RE-GEN™ Flowable Composite...
RE-GEN™ Self-Etch is a 3-bottle system that consists of a conditioner, primer and bonding resin. RE-GEN™ combines clinically proven...
Compared to standard blue lights, PinkWave provides a 19% increase in polymerization on both the top and bottom of the composite. This...
RE-GEN is a suite of bioactive materials comprised of a Flowable Composite, Bulk Fill & Resin Cement, Pit & Fissure Sealant and...
Vista Apex's ZR-P Zirconia Primer maximizes the bond strengths between zirconia, alumina or metal surfaces, and resin materials.
Quick-Stat Liquid is a 15.5% ferric sulfate aqueous-based solution that is ideal for a variety of dental procedures.
DesensiMAX provides instant sensitivity relief with several added benefits. It disinfects the tooth surface with potent antimicrobial...
 Vista Apex introduces the first tips featuring Material Saving Technology (MST) designed to significantly reduce waste. 
Intended for the precise and smooth delivery of aqueous solutions
Save time, save money and improve outcomes in cleansing root canalsd

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