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AdDent now offers a magnifying eyepiece for the Bio/Screen Oral Exam device giving the practitioner a closer view of the oral cavity...
AdDent has developed 2 new ways to capture images with Bio/ Screen. The SLR adapter kit will fit a lens from 52 mm to 62 mm
AdDent is proud to introduce its new and improved accessory for the Microlux Diagnostic Systems called the Pedo Light Guide. The Pedo...
This tray is designed to be used with layering or bulk fill procedures where a large volume of warmed composite needs to be readily...
This ergonomic new high intensity model includes new features that have been requested by many dentists. An easy to use push button...
Better and easier composite handling by warming composites with the Calset Composite Warmer. Warmed composite has increased flowability,...
Save lives with early oral cancer detection. When detected early, the oral cancer 5-year survival rate increases from 57% to 81%....
Trimax Kit of 2 Handles & 60 Tips - Used to improve contact in composite restorations.
AdDent introduces OraBlu Oral Lesion Marking System, an easy to use marking system that is designed to enhance the visualization of...
AdDent introduced an improved Rite-Lite 2 Shade Matching Unit with HI-CRI LED's that recreate the visual spectrum produced by natural...
The fiber illuminates and allows the clinician to see if the root is fractured and to make an informed decision whether to continue with...
The AdDent Polarizing Filter attachment is designed to be used with the Rite-Lite2 Shade Matching Unit. Rite-Lite2, available in 3 color...