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The sloping shoulder of the 3.5-mm NARROW implant enhances crestal bone preservation while providing space for the interdental papillae,...
The recently introduced 4.5 mm x 6.0mm short implant is another revolutionary addition to Bicon's existing selection of short implants....
Bicon offers the Integrated Abutment Crown (IAC) for a cementless and screwless restoration.
When the Bicon system was first introduced in 1985, its 8.0-mm length implants were considered quite short.
The Brevis Abutment is a lower profile overdenture abutment that achieves 3.0 mm of reduced height compared to the o-ring abutment...
It is used as a matrix for oral and maxillofacial bone regeneration or augmentation. With both micro-porosity and nano-porosity,...
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