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Applicators, Dispensing & Mixing Accessories(12)
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Bonding Self etching(1)
Caries Detection(1)
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Cement temporary(1)
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Finishing & Polishing Rotary Instruments(3)
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Practice Management Services(1)
Retraction Materials(8)
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VPS Impression Materials(4)
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Moisture-activated temporary filling and sealing material with eugenol as an added ingredient. The palliative eugenol formulation acts as...
At Centrix, we believe in Prevention for Life—great preventive dentistry that maintains great oral health throughout your patients'...
Encore AF with Fluoride from Centrix Inc. is a smoother, creamier version of Encore self-cure composite core build-up material. The...
The EndoKit procedure pack is designed for cleaning, treating and sealing the root cancl between office visits. Each single-use procedure...
Centrix introduces the next generation of 1:1 auto-mixing nozzles that can reduce 33% of waste, depending on the material type and...
The clinician simply plugs the MicroAspirator into a standard high volume evacuator handpiece and vacuums out root canals and post holes....
This 7”x11” box comes with 10 adjustable dividers that let you customize, arrange and store items any way you want.
Encore by Centrix Inc. is a self-cure composite core build-up material that mixes easily and syringes through a NeedleTube. It features...
The SofNeedle is designed to be twisted onto a leur-lock syringe to dispense and apply liquids and light gels. The polyurethane foam tip...
The original bendable applicator! Benda Brushes are economical, multi-purpose applicators that make color coding procedures a snap. With...
Benda Micro Applicators enable precision placement in confined spaces. The unique Benda Micro head bends to the angle you need for...
Benda Micro Applicators enable precision placement in confined spaces. The unique Benda Micro head bends to the angle you need for...

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