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The Physics Forceps Standard Series extraction instruments can be utilized on all teeth
​To reduce the carbon footprint and help curb global warming, the Swedish-based company Orsing, a division of Directa Dental, is ensuring...
The Hygovac Bio aspirator tube is made of 100% biobased polyethylene made entirely from sugarcane. Unlike traditional polyethylene, where...
Directa Dental's Luxator P-series offers the advantage of working with a penholder grip design, giving increased tactility, access...
All you need to select and dispense. The unique Directa selecta makes even the tiniest of crowns easy to select, handle, and dispense....
Calasept EDTA is specificaly formulated to help in the navigating of root canals by endodontic instruments. The EDTA forms a water...
Calasept Plus is pure calcium hydroxides. It is a ready-to-use paste in air tight syringe for direct application through the Flexi-Tip....
During endodontic treatment, sodium hypoclorite and EDTA are used sporadically. In vitro studies established that the chelating effect of...
FenderMate is a one-piece sectional matrix and wedge that is pre-curved, providing for predictable, fast, and safe composite...
AdaptaPal is a flexible, ergonomic adapter for suction tips and saliva ejector. It is the simple answer to pain free suction. It helps...
A hygienic and practical alternative option to use to dispense ProphyCare Prophy Paste. Allot the necessary amount of prophy paste into...
Calasept has a very large amount of calcium hydroxide (> 41%) that give a high concentration of hydroxyl ions. These generate the high...