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Assorted Spatulas from Dixon Inc. feature wood handles with stainless steel blades.
Opticaid from Dixon Inc. features optically designed plastic lenses that allow you to see tiny details using both eyes without any...
Clip On Telesights by Dixon Inc. consist of high quality, prismatic lenses in lightweight frames that are capable of attaching to most...
Dixon Inc.'s Optivisors is a lightweight and durable magnifier that is capable of fitting over eyeglasses. They feature an adjustable...
The Heavy Duty Bench Knife from Dixon Inc. features a blade that is firmly set in the hardwood handle.
Light Weight Metal Snips by Dixon Inc. are used for cutting templates and patterns from medium hard metal sheets. The curved blade is...
Dixon Inc.'s Welding Goggles helps protect eyes when melting, soldering, or brazing. The nylon lens adapter holds lenses and allows for...
Welding Glasses from Dixon Inc. feature an adjustable ratchet hinge frame with green lenses. The frame uses Infra-Dura 3.0 lenses with...
Dixon Inc.'s Fusible Metal melts in boiling water.
Blowpipes-Burners and Accessories from Dixon Inc.
Saw Frame Standard by Dixon Inc. is constucted with a flat steel frames, hardwood handles, and thumb-screw locking devices. It features...
Dixon Inc.'s Tripoli Loose Bar is a fast-cutting tripoli that is used when rouge will be used for the final finish.

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