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LuxaCrown, a semipermanent composite material designed for chairside crown and bridge procedures
Icon-Etch Refills are now available in the U.S. as an extension of the Icon Smooth Surface caries infiltrant, which treats smooth...
DMG America’s Composite Dispenser is designed to precisely place a wide range of dental materials, including DMG’s Ecosite Bulk Fill...
PermaCem 2.0 from DMG-America is universal, dual-cure composite luting cement that provides an exceptional self-adhesive bond to...
Kolorz ClearShield 5% sodium fluoride varnish from DMG America goes on clear, with no embarrassing yellow discoloration. With excellent...
The material is easy to handle and exhibits excellent flow characteristics. EcuSeal is dispensed with the Ecu-Pen Applicator Tool for...
Honigum Light Body is delivered using a hand-held Type 25 Automix applicator gun, and it features a patient-friendly honey aroma and...
Honigum Pro is the first impression material with the ability to change its flow characteristics when placed under pressure. The result...
Exclusive DMG-patented nanotechnology virtually eliminates particle agglomeration (clumping), and the addition of zirconium dioxide...
DMG America introduces Kolorz, a gourmet line of hygiene products, including topical anesthetic gel, prophylaxis paste, 60-second foam...
Kolorz Prophy Paste by DMG America turns regular teeth cleanings into a splatter-free (and delicious) experience. These premium fluoride...
PermaCem from DMG America is a compomer based permanent cement automix system indicated for the permanent cementation of all metal crowns...