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Fixtemp combines polishable aesthetics with long term strength and durability. Designed to meet the needs of both short and long term...
Our new Dynax® silicones for dental impressions guarantee both, precision and ease of use. The whole impression process now takes less...
The material remains elastic for 1.5 minutes allowing for the simpler removal of excess material. The set time of 3 to 4 minutes ensures...
The all new EXACTA Core MFT features the extra reinforcement of Micro Fiber Technology providing exceptional high strength and wear...
The new generation of EXACTA Temp Xtra is here. By taking the successful original formula and using new nano-particle technology, EXACTA...
The material is non-sticky and easy to handle, with a level of viscosity that prevents the material from slumping while still flowing on...
The extra wide occlusal plane leads to less distortion and helps to avoid costly remakes. No tray adhesive is needed due to the wide,...
EXACTA Dental Direct has recently added BlueSpray to its computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) product line. Its...
Nanoceram-Bright uses a unique nanofiller technology to deliver excellent esthetics and performance.
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FRESH BOLD has been developed with the needs of the dentist and the laboratory in mind. Its hydrophilic surface characteristics with...

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