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The unique braided construction of 100% cotton Gingi-Pak Z-Twist Weave Braided Cord packs easily, remains in place, is easily seen in the...
Gingi-Pak introduces GINGICaine oral anesthetic gel in syringe form. Each syringe contains 1.2 mL of gel that allows the clinician to...
SuperBody from Gingi-Pak is made with a reversible hydrocolloid formula. SuperBody 500 is a deep blue, high-density material with...
Gingicaine’s active ingredient is 20% benzocaine, a formula proven safe and effective. Gingicaine offers a quick onset (15 to 20 seconds)...
The Cohere Impression System is designed for a rapid procedure, using preloaded syringes maintained at an optimal temperature in the...
Cohere 3/8" 601 Sticks contain Cohere syringe material. Cohere syringe material can be used with your favorite alginate to produce highly...
The Birtle Spatula from Gingi-Pak has a stainless steel handle and is ideal for mixing and applying dental materials.
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Gingi-Pak MAX Soft-Twist Retraction Cord is a tightly twisted medicated retraction cord made out of 100% cotton. The cord offers optimal...
Nemetz Crown Remover from Gingi-Pak is a lightweight instrument that removes plastic or ceramic-faced crowns and bridges effortlessly and...
Gingi-Pak's Orostat is a buffered formula that contains 8% dl Epinephrine HCl to control hemorrhage while creating a field clear of...
Gingi-Pak Hemostatic Solution syringes, tips and applicators are ideal for any application technique that a dental professional requires.
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