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High-Speed Handpieces (air-driven)(7)
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Lares Research’s ProStyle E Electric Handpiece System was designed to provide superior performance while reducing motor/attachment weight...
Lares Research introduces Legacy 5, dentistry’s fi rst high-speed handpiece with a 5-year warranty. The Legacy 5 bumper-to-bumper...
Lares Research introduces its ProStyle SF highspeed handpieces featuring exclusive SilentForce Technology. The SteelGrip push-button...
Lares Research's Pastel Prophy Handpiece was designed to be shorter and lighter than the lead- ing competitors' offerings. The Pastel...
Two models of the new handpiece are available—the Quest 100 Series and the Quest 300 Series. Featuring a compact head for easy posterior...
These include high cutting power, quiet operation, a leak-free swivel coupler, and a triple water port spray. The Ultralite handpieces...
Additional features include super-small head size, lightweight, fast cutting power, reduced contra-angle, no-slip grip, pushbutton bur...
The 4:1 Reduction Contra Angle Lowspeed Handpiece Attachment from Lares Research is available with a three-month warranty.
This is the 4:1 Straight Low Speed Handpiece Attachment from Lares Research.
The 1:1 Straight Lowspeed Attachment from Lares Research comes with a three-month warranty.
This is the 1:1 Contra Angle Lowspeed Handpiece from Lares Research.
The 0-20,000 RPM 4 Hole Motor from Lares Research is designed with a Standard E Connection and requires a lube. It is available with a...
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