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 LM-ErgoMax gracey scalers are convenient and ergonomic when operating with curette instruments. "I really liked the mini...
LM-DentalLM Extraction InstrumentsAll LM extraction instruments combine ergonomics and functionality for atraumatic tooth extraction.An...
A modeling instrument with extremely sharp pointed tips. The conical tip is perfect for sculpting, with only one instrument, the anatomy...
A very thin and flexible spatula is designed for transporting and aesthetic modeling the composite. The flexible working end sculpts...
Transparent tip for smooth, anatomically correct Class V fillings along the gum line. Plastic working end for LM-Multiholder instruments.
A long and round plugger especially designed for modeling composite. The angulated shanks of the instrument enable unlimited access to...
A unique instrument for horizontal and vertical measuring of thicknesses of composite layers on the anterior restorations. After the...
Lightweight Autoclavable Cone socket mirror handle threads Reduces muscle pinch force, fatigue and strain of the hand and wrist ...
Set of innovative instruments for aesthetic restorations. Instruments have been developed in co-operation with Style Italiano, a group of...
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