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Instantly switch between Water Spray or Water Jet at the flip of a switch with the world’s first two-way spray technology.
The co-engineered system fully integrates NSK’s NLZ E Electric Motor and its licensed differentiators, including WaveOne technology. The...
The Nano 95LS is a 1:5 increasing handpiece, with a titanium body, cellular glass optics, and a Dura Grip Coating. It has a quattro...
​Weighing only 90 g, NSK’s iProphy Mobile produces less wrist stress and gives better access to hard-to-reach places. Clinicians and...
NSK’s Surgic Pro and Surgic Pro+ combine an advanced micromotor with a handpiece that offers optimal speed, precision, and torque.
With all the small equipment, instruments, and materials that need to be located on or around the delivery unit in today’s busy dental...
S-Max M Series contra-angles allow cost-effective powerful cutting. Durable and quiet, the ergonomic and well-balanced instruments allow...
The iCare handpiece maintenance system from NSK offers users ease of use and multifunction capability for both cleaning and lubrication....
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The NLX Nano from NSK Dental is a brushless micromotor system with LED. This portable electric micromotor system covers a wide speed...
This handpieces features a slim design with stainless steel body for excellent visibility and comfortable operation, allowing the...
The Pana-Max PLUS series of high-speed handpieces from NSK offers precision engineering for power and reliability. The turbine cartridge...
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The ergonomic, solid titanium bodies of NSK’s Ti-Max Z900L and Ti-Max Z800L handpieces include DURAGRIP coating to make them easy to...

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