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Air-Water and Evacuation Products(2)
Applicators, Dispensing & Mixing Accessories(3)
Bite Registration Materials(1)
Bonding Single Component(1)
Carbides and Diamonds(2)
Cement glass ionomer luting(1)
Core-Build Up Materials(1)
Electric Handpieces(1)
Endodontics Miscellaneous(1)
Impression and Registration Materials and Accessories(1)
Impression Trays(1)
Infection Control(6)
Low-Speed Handpieces (air-driven)(1)
Mixing and Dispensing Accessories(1)
Personal Protection(2)
Prophy Angles(7)
Prophy Handpieces(1)
Prophy Pastes(1)
Soft-Tissue Lasers(1)
Take-Home Whitening(3)
Temporary Provisional Materials(2)
Universal Composite(2)
Vacuum Forming Machines & Material(1)
VPS Impression Materials(2)
Whitening Lights(2)
XRay Positioning and Holding Devices Disposable(1)
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This ultralight visor and shield kit is specifically engineered to provide the greatest user comfort while also easily accommodating any...
COVER-IT Barrier Film provides effective and affordable protection against cross-contamination and minimizes the risk of...
Pac-Dent’s product portfolio includes many personal protective equipment and infection control items that, in light of the COVID-19...
Disposable Barrier Sleeves from Pac-Dent are made of specially formulated copolymer plastic films that have passed rigid 3rd party tests....
iShield™ is a lightweight and fog-resistant disposable face shield that provides full-face protection against sprays, splashes, and...
Pac Dent introduces Disposable Protective Coverall Safety Suits, made with medical-grade fabric for excellent breathability, one-way...
The iMask™ ASTM Level 2 premium face masks are perfect for any exam or procedure involving moderate to heavy levels of spray, splatter,...
iBrite® Advanced Moisturizing Gel Hand Sanitizer is specially formulated with 70% (v/v) ethyl alcohol to help reduce the number of most...
​The first of its kind, Armor Air/Water Syringe Tip + Sleeve Combo is a 2-in-1 solution that simplifies and minimizes preparation time....
The disposable prophy angle combines optimal reach and visibility with the safety and convenience of out-of-the-pack sterility
Carbide heads are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes. Shank availability includes friction grip, short shank, latch type,...
Produces more than 90% of iBrite V3’s light output and it is designed with an intuitive, selfexplanatory control panel with 10...

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