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Pentron’s Breeze RMGI was designed to deliver a stable and long-term durable restoration with its outstanding bond strength to zirconia,...
Pentron’s Post & Core System contains all products necessary to complete a post and core buildup in one kit. The bundled system includes...
The SuperCartriLoid Metal Syringe is designed to be used with 3.6ml anesthetic-type glass vials. The syringe is an anesthetic type...
The Backloading Rev. Hydrocolloid Syringe is available in 2 barrel sizes to best fit your needs: 5/16” and 3/8” diameters. The barrel is...
FibreKleer 4X Fiber Posts safely retain core build-ups while providing excellent radiopacity and esthetics. The main purpose of a post is...
CartriLoid Metal Syringe from Pentron Clinical is designed to be used with 1.8ml anesthetic-type glass vials. The syringe is an...
CartriLoid Needles from Pentron Clinical are designed to be used with CartriLoids as well as SuperCartriLoids. The disposable needles are...
Cement-It Universal C&B is a comprehensive, dual-cure cementation system. It can be used when bonding indirect composite, aluminum oxide,...
Static mixing tips are available in packages of 8 and are designed to be used with both Zone and Embonte temporary cement. Zone contains...
Nonslip mixing pads are designed to be used with all dental materials. The plastic coated mixing pads are constructed of nonslip,...
IMAGE Dust-Free Alginate is a green-colored, mint-scented alginate that delivers a smooth, glass-like surface that’s easy to read with...
Build-It FR Fiber-Reinforced Core Material combines the strength of glass fiber reinforcement with the flexibility of dual-curing.