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Likely the most popular denture attachment system in the world, the LOCATOR provides a self-aligning function, angulation versatility,...
PREAT Corporation introduces yet another innovative tool: the Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Cap, for your next conversion from...
In order to make servicing existing patients with 3M mini-implant supported prostheses simpler, PREAT Corporation introduces the Mini...
PREAT Corporation eFiber Perio Kit includes two 10cm units of eFiber 1.2mm PERIO, one silicon tool and user instructions.
Pozi Pins (1 bag of 1000). Pozi Pins are an inexpensive, easy way to work with twin dowel pin systems.
PREAT Corporation provides a smaller diameter fiber ideal for direct bonding, periodontic splinting and orthodontic applications.
Rhodium coated wire (1.05mm diameter) to provide retention in denture material.
The Perma Ret Wire Holder Tool from PREAT Corporation is used to thread in the wire after the threaded recess has been created with the...
PRECI-SAGIX INTRO KIT M #1303 Introduction Kit from PREAT Corporation includes cast-on NOPRAX males, the necessary tools and females in...
PREAT Corporation designed for indirect applications only.
Strength (glass fibers and bonding!) increase over 1000% over metal reinforcement.
PREAT Corporation eFiber Ortho Kit includes two 10cm units of eFiber 1.2mm, one 2mL syringe of flowable composite, one silicon tool, an...