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Air-Water and Evacuation Products(1)
Applicators, Dispensing & Mixing Accessories(13)
Articulating & Occlusal Indicators(1)
Bonding Single Component(3)
Carbide Rotary Instruments(2)
Carbides and Diamonds(1)
Cassettes and Accessories(1)
Cassettes and Screens(1)
Cement resin(3)
Cement temporary(1)
Core-Build Up Materials(1)
Diamond Rotary Instruments(3)
Electrosurge & Accessories(1)
Endodontic Files, Reamers & Accessories(7)
Endodontic Points & Medicaments(14)
Endodontics Miscellaneous(7)
Etchant Extraoral(2)
Finishing & Polishing Materials & Strips(21)
Fluoride Varnishes(2)
Implant cement(3)
Implants Miscellaneous(1)
Impression Trays(9)
In-Office Whitening(1)
Infection Control(1)
Lab Miscellaneous(6)
Matrix Bands(4)
Mirrors and Accessories(1)
Perio Instruments(48)
Pins & Posts (Restorative)(8)
Pins and Post (Endo)(1)
Preventive Products Miscellaneous (1)
Prophy Angles(4)
Prophy Handpieces(1)
Prophy Pastes(13)
Restorative | Cosmetic Instruments & Materials(107)
Retraction Materials(14)
Silane Ceramic and Zirconia Repair Kits(3)
Small Equipment Miscellaneous(1)
Surgical Instruments(71)
Syringes, Needles & Accessories(2)
Take-Home Whitening(8)
Topical Agents(5)
Ultrasonic cleaner(2)
Vacuum Forming Machines & Material(1)
Whitening and Accessories(1)
Whitening Trays(2)
XRay Cleaner Solutions and Films(1)
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Premier’s ZR-Cem is a self-adhesive universal resin cement specially formulated for zirconia restorations.
Premier’s Sleeve-It is a disposable barrier sleeve line that provides proven protection against cross contamination. Made from high-grade...
Premier Universal Primer is a single-component adhesive primer that increases the retention between restorative substrates and all resin...
Premier Implant Cement Plus is a versatile, innovative implant cement that provides strong, secure retention yet enables easy,...
PremierAir single-ended diagnostic instruments are specially designed to reduce hand fatigue
​Premier Dental announces the launch of AeroPro, a cordless handpiece with an innovative design that helps reduce hand and wrist stress....
​Premier Dental announces the launch of Vac Attak GREEN, high-performance evacuation system cleaner that’s safe, effective, and compliant...
BioCoat, a bioactive resin pit and fissure sealant with patented SmartCap Technology. BioCoat combines optimal physical properties with...
Indicated for the treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity and the reduction of postoperative sensitivity, Premier Dental introduces...
Premier Dental’s rotary tooth preparation, tissue management, and finishing /polishing products are packaged together with a step-by-step...
Tray Magic Soft Tray Trimmer from Premier Dental is ideal for use on soft tray material. Tray Magic is equipped with an adjustable heat...
Amalgam #2 Ward Condensers/Pluggers from Premier Dental are serrated, double end instruments designed to flawlessly plug and place amalgam.

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