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ACTIVA Presto, the first light-cure composite designed to mimic the properties of natural teeth, is esthetic, strong, moisture-friendly,...
Radiopaque • Non-Setting Temporary Calcium Hydroxide Root Canal Treatment Paste Flows through 27-gauge x 25mm endodontic irrigation...
No Sensitivity and a More Adhesive Cavity Liner and Base Lime-Lite™ Enhanced is specially formulated for use with adhesives, composites...
8 oz plastic dispenser bottle - All natural cleaning...
Sparkle produces a glaze-like high luster finish on porcelain, gold, composite and metal. It does not splatter and washes off easily....
Embrace Wetbond Seal-n-Shine seals margins and composites and also finishes and polishes restorations. Seal-n-Shine and other Embrace...
Embrace is the first pit and fissure sealant that bonds to the moist tooth. Research shows remarkable sealing ability and adaptation to...
 Highest quality long-lasting silicone rings for color coding dental instruments. Will not gum up, crack or craze in the autoclave....
“T”- Bands are made of soft, adaptable brass or stainless steel matrix material (.002”/.05mm thick) and are available straight, curved,...
ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE is a highly esthetic, bioactive composite that delivers all the advantages of glass ionomers in a strong,...
ACTIVA™ KIDS is an esthetic, BioACTIVE resin restorative that stimulates apatite formation and the natural remineralization process with...
ACTIVA BioACTIVE-CEMENT stimulates mineral apatite formation and the natural remineralization process at the material-tooth interface...