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Introducing OMNICHROMA, the see-it-to-believe-it technology that’s going to change the art of shade matching for good. OMNICHROMA...
Tokuyama’s Estelite Universal Flow is a supranano- filled flowable composite available in 3 different viscosities (high, medium, and...
EsteCem II is a dual-cure (light and/or self-cure), radiopaque, adhesive resin cement system with excellent handling and esthetic...
Sofreliner Tough M (Medium) is a  self-cure chairside and lab soft denture reline material providing patient comfort and...
Tokuyama Universal Bond is a 2-component self-cured universal bonding agent for both direct and indirect restorations that can be used...
New from the makers of Estelite Sigma Quick, Tokuyama Dental America is proud to announce the launch of Estelite Bulk Fill Flow, a...
Tokuyama's Estelite Sigma Quick is a universal supra-nano filled, low shrinkage composite with patented spherical filler technology. The...
Universal resin-based restorative material with 100% spherically filled supra-nano composite. Designed and manufactured for the next...
Estelite Color is a light-cured characterizing material that complements restorations by modifying or slightly altering a shade,...
Shield Force Plus is a one-component, light-cured, single application long term desensitizer that provides immediate relief of...
Mr. Bond is a self-etching adhesive resin cement designed for general adhesive cementations. The strong adhesion properties work...
Sofreliner Tough S (Soft) is a self-cure chairside and lab soft denture reline material providing patient comfort and satisfaction up to...
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