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Whip Mix’s new Veriwash resin cleaning station is the ideal piece of equipment to use in the 3D-printed resin post-processing process.
Whip Mix has introduced its new PRO 4K large format 3D printers from Asiga. The open-material printers for 385-nm resins feature...
Whip Mix has introduced the Bellus3D Dental Pro high-quality 3D face scanning solution, a unique app that enables the lab to create...
VeriModel Ivory offers not only a high-quality surface finish and extreme precision for models, but it can be used in any open-system 385...
Whip Mix’s VeriModel OS 3D print resin is now available in grey. The methacrylate-based resin is designed for various dental applications...
With the VeriBuild LCD 3D Printer, labs or dental practices can now print extremely precise models and accurate surgical guides with...
VeriModel OS Golden Brown, the latest addition to its VeriBuild print resin family. The methacrylate-based 3D print resin is made...
Whip Mix has added the balance of the VITA Classical shades to its ZR Pro zirconia line. Originally, the shades were...
VeriSplint OS, the first FDA-cleared 3D-print hard splint material that is rigid and durable for dental bite guards/splints and occlusal...
​Whip Mix’s Vericore ZR Pro MultiLayered Zirconia Discs offer everything you would expect from zirconia— high strength (over 1,120 MPa),...
Whip Mix introduces VeriGuide OS, a Class I, CE-certified resin material developed for producing high-precision surgical guides for...
Whip Mix introduces the UViTRON INTELLIRAY curing unit, which is part of the Whip Mix 3D Printed Denture System. The UViTRON INTELLIRAY...

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