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Air-Water and Evacuation Products(6)
Applicators, Dispensing & Mixing Accessories(1)
Between-Teeth Cleaning(1)
CAD CAM Blocks & Materials(1)
Carbides & Diamonds Sets & Accessories(2)
Caries Detection(1)
Cassettes and Accessories(20)
Cassettes and Screens(8)
Dental Unit Waterline Treatment(1)
Endodontic Files, Reamers & Accessories(6)
Infection Control Miscellaneous(3)
Isolation Systems(2)
Lab Miscellaneous(1)
Mirrors and Accessories(17)
NonAbsorbable Suture, Needle Combination(1)
Orthodontic Accessories(2)
Practice Management Services(1)
Restorative | Cosmetic Instruments & Materials(3)
Retraction Materials(1)
Rubber Dams(6)
Small Equipment Miscellaneous(2)
Syringes, Needles & Accessories(1)
Vacuum Forming Machines & Material(1)
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The Protection Pack includes 3 of Zirc’s best-selling isolation products: Mr. Thirsty One-Step, Pink Petal, and Insti-Dam. Studies have...
Simply slide Pink Petal onto your saliva ejector to provide continuous, comfortable, hands-free suction with no additional attachments...
Zirc's new Isolation360 Power Pack includes 7 of their disposable isolation products all in one kit. With the Lingua-Fix, Pink...
Airway Armor protects a patient's airway from accidental aspiration and ingestion of unwanted materials. The single-use, perforated...
Large Cabinet• Includes 12 Internal Organizers & 4 Block Dividers• Choose from 7 different colors for Internal Organizers, N, E, J,...
Zirc's Organizational Box of Efficiency provides color coordinated organization for a stress free workspace. Z.O.B.E allows the everyday...
Zirc now offers a deeper, roomier cassette made for large and specialty instruments. The Performance Tool Organizer allows clinicians to...
The Mirror Magic anti-fog system prevents fogging on mouth mirrors and offers the practitioner a quick method to remove debris during...
Zirc’s Mr. Thirsty One-Step is an inexpensive and efficient hands-free device that retracts, isolates, and evacuates.
Zirc Company's Steri-Instrument Cassettes can hold 8 instruments, but when stacked, it can hold up to double that amount. They feature...
The Steri-Endo Guard from Zirc Company is a unique autoclavable system that can hold and organize most lengths for staging, cleaning, and...
The Steri-Endo Guard from Zirc Company is a unique autoclavable system that can hold and organize most lengths for staging, cleaning, and...

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