Beautifil II

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Published Date 10/23/2014
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This nanohybrid composite offers strength and esthetics along with sustained fluoride release and recharge.


The conclusion of an article covering the positive results of a University of Florida College of Dentistry study may say it all: "These overall positive results may be related to the unique Giomer filler particles." Researchers followed 41 Beautifil II restorations at several increments over time, and nearly 2/3 of them garnered ratings of excellent or satisfactory after 13 years in the mouth.1

The Science

Beautifil II universal nano-hybrid composite is based on Shofu's proprietary Giomer technology--S-PRG (surface pre-reacted glass ionomer) technology--a stable phase of glass-ionomer obtained by reacting acid-reactive fluoridecontaining glass with polyacids in the presence of water. The result is esthetic and long-lasting restorations that release and recharge 6 beneficial ions, including fluoride. The fluoride in GIOMER reduces tooth mineral solubility, decreases the acid production of cariogenic bacteria, and forms an acid-resistant layer for an anti-plaque effect.

The Properties

In terms of handling, thixotropic Beautifil II is formulated for easy sculpting without slumping or sticking. It allows fast and easy polishing to a high, long-lasting surface luster. Beautifil II is supplied in pre-filled tips or syringes; the "One Touch Cap" of the syringe provides controlled dispensing and delivery during build-up of restorations. Offered in a wide range of shades (14, including an incisal and a bleach shade), Beautifil II exhibits excellent shade stability prior to and following curing. Its lifelike fluorescence, combined with optimal light transmission and optical characteristics, impart excellent shade reproduction with a chameleon effect by simulating the internal structure of natural dentition. Using a single shade that blends well with surrounding teeth making the restoration undetectable; in esthetically demanding cases, additional shades can be used to achieve exceptional results.

beautifil ii clinicial shots before and after

The Performance

The low-shrinkage formula of Beautifil II delivers excellent physical properties for complete and accurate margin sealing. Its high filler load and high flexural strength ensure long-term stability for anterior and posterior restorations (Class I to V) as well as veneers and core build-ups. To facilitate followup monitoring, Beautifil II is exceptionally radiopaque--reportedly 70% greater than enamel and 200% greater than dentin.

Beautifil II responds to the concentration of fluoride in the mouth while maintaining the strength and stability of a composite resin. The University of Florida study found no secondary caries after 8 years, and 95% of luster was retained. After 13 years, secondary caries were only found in only 2 of the 61 restorations.1 This low caries recurrence combined with a high retention rate makes Beautifil II is an ideal solution for pediatric care and high-caries risk patients.

1. Gordan, VV, et al. A clinical evaluation of a giomer restorative system containing surface prereacted glass ionomer filler. JADA 145(10); 1036-1043, 2014.